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How do I become mentally strong?

How do I become mentally strong?

The king of the jungle lives with pride in his natural habitat.

He has an army, lives in prides and hunts in groups with planned strategy.

Being the strongest, the alpha male will reign unchallenged with power.

A caged lion will always be in pain, and in depression.

Each one of us was born with amazing natural abilities, but if we bind ourselves we get in depression.

A weak mind will kill our potential.Real freedom is only found when we can become everything that our Creator designed us to be, NOT what other people made us think we are.

So to answer the question:

How do we fight for freedom?

  • Stop the victim mindset; stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  • Stop avoiding change.

  • Stop being a people pleaser.

  • Stop fearing failure.

  • Stop dwelling on the past.

  • Stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Stop trying to be like someone else.

  • Stop following the crowd.

  • Stop whining about what you can't control.

  • Stop feeling entitled to success. We only deserve what we fight for.

Most importantly: #NeverGiveUp

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