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Meditation & Yoga Therapy 

Yoga, the ancient Indian spiritual system, works at two levels – the mind and the body. Many yoga asanas take the person into a meditative state. A combination of meditation & yoga helps people not only with mental disorders, it also helps augment mental abilities.

Yoga has today become more of a physical fitness fad. Whereas, Yoga is essentially a spiritual system that seeks, initially, to work at the spirit and mental faculties of a person. Yoga asanas as well as other yogic practices work very well in helping people elevate themselves spiritually & mentally, which includes their emotional faculties as well.

Meditation, essentially an ancient Indian practice, helps people take better control of their minds and what they do with it, hence. Meditation helps people make better decisions, reduce reactive behaviour, get greater control over emotions like anger and similar other emotions that can have a damaging impact. Moreover, there are meditation techniques that help people solve everyday problems. Hence, it is not merely meditation for spiritual elevation that has no physical/actual manifestation; but meditation that delivers practical solutions to everyday problems.


Yoga & Meditation tools that I can use help heal your subconscious mind

and find peace in life

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