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I Can Help You Heal Your Spiritual Self and Your Subconscious Mind, Helping You Achieve a Longer, Better and More Fulfilling Life

Do you finally see the gap between the teaching of religious scholars and what you experience in reality? That is exactly what causes the feeling of discontentment as you try hard to make your life work as "it should" but in the end all you get the feeling of being burnt out. What you need here is to break away from the dogma and heal spiritually which requires a spiritual diagnosis. 


Just like a physical illness where we reflect on what we ate the day before, spiritual diagnosis requires you to reflect on your spiritual diet. And spiritual healing is all about connecting and healing through universal energy that is channeled through a healer to overcome mental, spiritual, and physical obstacles, associated with sickness, anxiety, confusion in your life. 


Being a healer, I come with vast experience and knowledge about various divination tools and methods to heal the subconscious. I as a spiritual healer channel my positive vibration which is also known as a healing energy to recharge your spiritual energy. I also help in removing obstacles that are hindering you from reaching your full potential which in turn helps in healing your subconscious mind as well as your spiritual and physical body.


As one of the top energy healers from Pune, my mission is to:

  • Find the obstacles that are blocking your spiritual development

  • Enable you to heal your subconscious mind through holistic healing therapies

  • Help you harness your spiritual energies and reach your full potential

The spiritual tools that I can use help heal your subconscious mind

and find peace in life


God blessed the broken road of my life which straight landed me to her (Poonam Dutta). She’s is an angel who has come to rescue us from our sufferings. I have had a very positive experience which has created an unwavering faith in her. After I got my healing from her, I feel very very positive and energetic than before. She has made my transition from negativity to a positive life. 

The longer you wait, the more you suffer. Don't wait for the healing to begin.

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