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Free Mastering
Law of Attraction

An in-depth online workshop to help you transform your life and manifest abundance


Conducted by Poonam Dutta,
Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner & Energy Healer

Poonam Dutta also known as Satyamshakti, is a proficient and experienced spiritual healer and LOA teacher. Her ideology revolves around the idea that our subconscious mind is the key to living a fuller and more healthy life and understanding that anyone can manifest the life they truly desire. 

In this workshop we will cover

The complete Science of

Law Of Attraction

Easy methods to attract all your desires

Techniques to Master Law of Attraction

Various simple techniques for Visualization

An understanding of creating goals and how to achieve them

Secrets of having a high vibration and being joyful all of the time

Workshop Details

When Is It?

Last Sunday of every month. Next one on

24th April 2022.


Where is it? 

LIVE Private Online Meeting 




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