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How to Stop Chasing and Win Your Ex Back?

It is a beautiful feeling to be in a relationship, but sometimes, it may not last for long. If you have broken up with your partner and are running after your ex to make up things, but it isn’t working, then you should stop chasing your ex right away! There is no point running after your ex when he/she is not even interested. Getting your ex back becomes even more difficult if you keep approaching your ex, day and night. So, chasing is the worst tactic you can use to get him/her back! However, this doesn’t mean that you forget about your ex and move on in your life without giving the relationship another chance. To win your ex back, you need to keep patience and deal with the situation differently. This article will guide you on how to win your ex back using some proven techniques. Do Not Chase, Pursue Your Ex Instead! There is a big difference between desperately running after a person and calmly pursuing him/her. Women don’t respect guys who are desperate and needy and lose control because their exes dumped them. Women respect those who are calm, confident, and in control of their emotions, know what they want and how to get it, and are not afraid to pursue it, even when there is some resistance. When a man starts to make her ex-girlfriend feel attracted in the ways that really matter to her, she starts noticing the difference in him now. She starts feeling attracted to him and gaining respect for him again. As a result, he can win her back. So, instead of chasing your ex who has dumped you, pursue him/her calmly and confidently, making them feel attracted again and getting back to you soon. Use Reverse Psychology When it comes to breakups and patch-ups, Reverse Psychology plays an important role. It works on the idea that scarcity breeds desire, and people want what they cannot have, making them crave for it more and more. But for this technique to work, you need to calm yourself down and keep patience. Let your ex think that you are out of his/her life completely. If you keep chasing your ex to get back together, you will only make him/her want you less. When you stop chasing, your ex will begin running after you because he/she will feel rejected from the lack of attention. So, stop chasing, and go in the opposite direction, and make them chase after you instead! When you give your ex the impression that you are no longer interested in being with him/her, it will trigger an opposite reaction from them. Your ignorance will slowly make them start thinking about you, chasing you, and wanting to get back together more and more! So, playing the reverse psychology game is the best way to win your ex back. Cut Off All Communication If you keep chasing your ex, calling them, and messaging them all the time, it makes you appear desperate and vulnerable to them. But all you need is love and respect. For that, you need to stop chasing and cut off all communication for some time. Cutting off all communication and keeping no contact may be very hard and tough on you. But it is a powerful technique that can increase your ability to either move on in your life or win your ex back. It gives your ex all the quietness and space he/she needs after the breakup. It helps them forget about things that have gone wrong between you two. More importantly, the no-contact rule helps you to detoxify yourself too. You, too, need to let go of everything inside you and give yourself time and space to understand how you feel about it. When you make no contact and block all communication with your ex, you give them a taste of silence. Lack of communication between you two will make your ex realize how much he/she misses you and wants you back. And if your ex seriously cares about you, he/she will make contact and come back to you. We recommend that you cut off the entire connection with your ex for one month, including no calling, no texting, no contact through social media, and no spending time with mutual friends. Keep Out of Sight If your ex prefers not to make any communication or contact after the breakup, he/she would also not like to see you around them. So, besides cutting off all communication, you should also keep out of sight of your ex. Make sure you don't meet your ex or even see him/her by accident. And when you get to know that your ex will be coming to a particular party, you should refrain from attending it. Spend Time with Your Family and Friends After the breakup, you should get away from the negative feelings and experience other aspects of your life. Spending more time with your family and friends will divert your mind from all the tension of the breakup and help you move on in your life. Moreover, doing this will give your family and friends a chance to spend some time with you. Change Yourself Positively During the no-contact period, invest your time in becoming a new person that your ex cannot resist! Without change, nothing will happen what you want. So, while you give your ex enough time to think about you and the relationship, you aim to change yourself positively and become the person your ex cannot resist. A positive change may include acquiring some good qualities and personality traits, improving physical appearance or fitness, and changing some behavioural aspects that your ex never liked. Also, change your mentality and attitude. Being a happy, calm, and confident person will help you get back your ex in no time! Change your bad habits because they tend to come out when you spend time with someone, and they may make your ex sick of you. So, change and improve your habits until they no longer get in your way of having your ex back. Do not be under pressure to change everything at once, as that can easily discourage you from trying to change at all. Just focus on one aspect and stick to changing it before you move on to the next thing. The very first thing you should aim to change is your personality traits because those aspects attracted your ex towards you in the first place. Change yourself in such a way that when your ex sees you the first time after the no-contact period, he/she is stunned to see the transformation in you. Contact Your Ex at the Right Time! Contact your ex only when the time is right so you can make him/her get attracted to you. You can contact your ex via a text message, email, or phone call. You can make them believe that you have changed for the better. After you have created enough excitement in your ex, you can plan to meet in person and get the relationship back on track. You can meet your ex when you have changed positively and are ready to face your ex without being needy and desperate again. Many youngsters fail to get back together with their exes because they meet them at the wrong time or too soon, after the breakup. Repeated behaviour and unchanged habits will repel your ex from being with you, and as a result, you will lose him/her permanently. Therefore, do not make the mistake of seeing your ex when you are not ready yet. After the no-contact period, your ex will start forgetting about the unpleasant things and remember only your attractive qualities. That is exactly when you should contact and meet your ex. Your ex will be surprised to see so much positive change in you. Talk What is New During Your Meet When you meet your ex after the no-contact period, you can create the spark again by making only a positive conversation with him/her. Do not talk about your past relationship or the breakup phase at all. Discuss what is new in both of their lives, families, careers, and more. You also need to make sure that you do not behave desperately or look vulnerable in front of your ex again. When you interact with your ex, you can show that you are emotionally much stronger now by the way you talk, use your body language, react, and behave. Gradually take the conversation to the next level and get back into the relationship with your ex, without forcing your emotions on him/her. Conclusion: By implementing the above techniques, you can win your ex back for sure! When you start attracting your ex in the ways that really matter to them, then you don’t have to chase him/her. They feel drawn to you. Once your ex opens up again, you can get her back with you. However, if the relationship with your ex is still not progressing the way you want, you cannot lose your self-respect or self-worth because of this person. If the ex is still taking away your mental peace and draining your energy, it is best not to be with the person who cannot value and respect you. Such relationships may even end in a worse way later. So, make sure you pursue your ex only if you feel it right for yourself and your life. If you recently had a breakup and are looking for ways to win your ex back, then seek professional help from an expert relationship counsellor like Poonam Dutta. Poonam is a trained and experienced psychologist who can help you heal from your break-up and recommend proven techniques to get together with your ex. Contact Poonam Dutta or call her at +91-8830824402 to schedule a session today!

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