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6 Surprising Facts about Energy Healing

In the past decade, the field of energy healing has blown quite a bit. Even though it has gathered a lot of fame, there’s still tons of mystification around it. The changing lifestyle has pushed us all into a state of anxiety and stress. You can stop reading if you feel I am wrong, but all of us wish to find that inner peace and live the healthiest life without the intervention of any medicines. If you are even a tad bit interested in knowing about the facts of energy healing or want to get yourself healed, then keep reading.

Let me first start by defining what Energy Healing actually means. Energy Healing is the act of channelizing and manipulating the energy that flows through your body to cure/heal it. There are various kinds of hands-on practices that help in channelizing your body’s energy. These practices are namely Reiki, Acupuncture, also some sensory-based experiences like using sound baths, crystals and aromatherapy. The proponents of Energy Healing assert that it is a natural way of healing traumas, any physical disease, relieves pain, rebalances and even repairs the body from within.

Energy Healing being a holistic practice, activates the body’s subtle energy system to eliminate any kind of blockages. Once these blockages are broken, the inherent ability of the body to heal itself is stimulated.

On this note, let us look at some facts on Energy Healing that can clear up any kind of misconception or confusion that you might have about it.

Energy Healing can benefit anybody, everybody and from anywhere.

You might have come across statements like; you need to be spiritual to receive any kind of spiritual healing. This is not true. It is a misconception that you need to be spiritual and receptive to energy healing. Anyone who is willing to receive it and is interested in getting themselves healed through it can accept it at any time of the day and any place. It is also true that you don’t need to be hypersensitive to energy to benefit from the energy healing treatment. Even if you are just simply anxious, drained or upset about something, this treatment can help you. Even if you are a healthy human being, try out this energy healing to help maintain the positive vibrations in your body. There are some energy healing modalities like Reiki treatment that transcend time and distance. To receive this treatment, you don’t have to be in the same room or even country as your healer to receive energy healing treatment.

Energy Healing is Painless and involves no Negative Side Effects.

During an energy healing session, the person undergoing treatment experiences little to no physical discomfort. At the time of the session, the patient only has to lie comfortably in bed while the practitioner/healer assesses their aura and releases the blocked energies from the body non-invasively. When releasing the blockages and balancing the chakras, the patient will experience a rebalancing process that may evoke a variety of physical and emotional sensations like anger, tiredness, sadness, trauma or lightheadedness. This kind of feeling is experienced when a deeply embedded attachment or trauma is finally released. It is vital to allow your soul, mind and body to acknowledge this release of blocked energies during treatment and fill the voids formed with new, healing energies.

Energy Healing is science and is based on scientific principles.

Physics and the principles of Energy Healing are pretty similar. According to physics, everything in this world is made up of matter, and matter comprises of molecules. Anything solid in this universe has molecules, and so do human beings. The molecules vibrate continuously inside the human body. Depending on these vibrations, the environment around us has good and bad vibes. Through the process of energy healing, we can increase the good vibrations within us. People who are content, stress-free, and happy vibrate at a much higher frequency than those who are unhappy and stressed.

Energy Healing is very beneficial for Healing Emotional and Physical traumas.

Our physical and energetic bodies are intertwined together. Any kind of emotional, physical or psychological trauma that we carry impacts the functionality of our chakras (energy system). To maintain a healthy body, energetic space is required to allow the body’s energies to flow through each part of the body freely. When the energy in your body is blocked, it could be due to prolonged stress, muscular constrictions, traumas, toxins etc. This blockage creates a disturbed energy flow in the body, which leads to mental, emotional, and physical ailments. An Energy Healing treatment can help you eliminate all body issues and traumas you have ever faced.

Maintenance of Energy Healing can be done at home.

Once you have received healing from a professional, you don’t need to go to a professional for help every time you feel low or anxious. You can activate your energies once again in the privacy of your home. Try taking a 15 to 20 min bath with Epsom pink salt. It is known to work wonders for your energy levels. You can also take help from the high vibe crystals. They have amazing healing properties. Energy Healing is very effective when someone wants to live a better quality of life. Positive vibrations have a positive effect on the human body and mind. For maintenance, these positive vibrations need to be supplemented with the right kind of exercise, diet and meditation. The current lifestyle makes energy healing a necessity. Just have faith in the modalities, and approach the therapy with an open mind and the right perspective. At home, also follow the same rules and watch how miracles happen.

Energy Healing Works with Almost Every Other Type of Healing

For centuries now, Energy Healing has been used to treat many kinds of physical and mental ailments. The best part about Energy healing is that it complements many other forms of therapies and treatments. When holistic therapies like Reiki Healing are combined with conventional health treatments, they together can optimize your wellbeing and health. Talking about healing, I can say that there is no “one size fits all.” When I say energy healing is effective, that doesn’t mean that it can replace western medicine completely. But, together, different therapies and healing modalities can work to heal and cure your body effectively.

The energy centers in the human body have been under study for many, many years now. In the ancient Hindu texts, the seven chakras have been vividly described, which are the real energy transmission centers of the body. The alignment of these chakras makes healing possible. I have witnessed it myself. Our health may not remain the same all the time; we need the patience to deal with the setbacks. We are all only human. Reading the facts above might not be enough to convince you that Energy Healing can really heal, but come and see it for yourself. With me as your healer, I shall make sure you get there. You just have to keep holding on.

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