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What is Aura and How Can You See It?

All things have energy, and an aura is the “energy” that someone around you omits or sends out as “vibes.” This energy radiated by the person may either relax you or make you nervous or worried. You can sense whether that person is happy or distraught, excited or upset, even without him saying a word. So, an aura is a reflection of a person’s state of being. Let us now deep dive into what exactly the aura means and how you can see it.

What Exactly is an Aura?

  • All human beings radiate a very low level of electricity, known as the electromagnetic field. This magnetic field is the life force energy field around them.

  • According to ancient medical systems, this energy manifests in seven layers, where each layer correlates to a different element of a person’s physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. These layers can interact with one another to influence the overall health of the person.

  • An aura of a person comprises of vibrational frequencies called vibes that other people can sense. It is this frequency or the vibe that attracts or repels a person from other people, depending on how his frequency works with theirs. So, when you’re trying to see someone’s aura, you are tapping into the frequency that the person is operating on.

How Does the Aura Look?

  • A person’s aura is “seen” as a luminous body that surrounds his/her physical body.

  • While some aural photographers have captured the aura as an egg-shaped circle around the physical body, some artists have depicted it like a halo or a bubble of light surrounding the physical body.

  • Each layer of the aura is represented by a different colour. The way these colours vary and interact shows how complex you are: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For example, some layers may seem brighter if a person is more vibrant or has more energy. Some layers may look dull if the person is under severe stress, depressed, or physically ill.

  • A person’s emotions and experiences have a real-time impact on his aura. So, if his aura is dim curently, it may not stay that way forever.

  • If there is no colour, then it is not a cause for concern because a person’s aura changes over time. So, colours may come and go. The aura changes differently for everyone. There is no set formula.

  • Each layer of your aura is said to correspond to one of the seven different chakras – crown chakra, the third-eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra. Chakras are different domains of energy within your body. While some chakras may be more dominant, others may be less visible and less easily sensed.

What Do the Different Colours in an Aura Mean?

Shamans and aura practitioners suggest the following interpretations of different colours of the layers of the aura:

How Can You See Your Own Aura?

Someome special cameras can help you take a photo and see your own aura. But if you don’t have access to such special cameras, then there are other ways to sense the energy fields around your body. Some people can see their own aura by softening and slightly squinting their eyes and looking in a mirror. Another way is to bring your hand forward and turn your palm facing you. Keep the background either white or black. Now, focus on the centre of the palm to see an outline. You can also try squishing your fingers together and then spreading them apart or waving your hand very gently. Doing this makes the outline more clear and brings your aura in front of you.

How Can You See Through the Aura of a person?

The following 6 Steps enable you to see through the aura of a person:

  1. Request the person to stand about 10 feet away from you. The background should be either completely white or completely black.

  2. Adjust the lighting of the room to make it neither too bright nor too dull. Natural light is the best.

  3. Now, you focus on the nose of the person. Do not strain your eyes or focus too hard. Let the gaze stay relaxed, so you also focus on your peripheral view and look at his sides. 

  4. Now, you begin to see a shadowy and grey outline on the exterior of the body. It would be about an inch or two in thickness. However, you must not get distracted and start looking at the shadow instead of focusing straight. Stay relaxed!

  5. Start observing the outline that gets formed around the person peripherally. Soon, the aura will start taking a definite form before your eyes.

  6. Now, gently move your gaze up from the nose to the forehead of the person to get a better view of his aura.

What Does it Take to Perfectly See An Aura?

  • Seeing and sensing aura takes a lot of practice, concentration, time, and patience. When you try to see your own aura, can focus, meditate, and spend time engaging with your spiritual energy. But when you try to see someone else’s aura, it may get more difficult as you have no control over those elements in another person. However, some people may have a more noticeable aura, which becomes easy for you to see even before you get to see yours.

  • Initially, you may only see a single-coloured aura of the person. But as you gain expertise, you will start seeing different colours in the aura of a person.

  • Also, initially, when you blink while trying to see an aura, you will notice that the aura disappears because your brain erases whatever you saw before the blink. But with more and more practice, this disappearance will reduce.


Many spiritual guides, advisers, and energy practitioners who work with aural health believe that aura is one of the ways of representing the close connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. With proper aura readings and healings, people can reap many benefits and develop healthier practices.

If you find value in the words and advice of a spiritual healer or a guide, then understanding and being aware of your aura can go a long way in improving your spiritual and emotional health. Contact Poonam Dutta or call +91-8830824402 to learn more about aura and aura readings today!

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