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The best-kept Secret of Switchwords and how to use them

Dracarys, Khul ja sim sim, Abracadabra.... Those three seem like very random words next to each other. One could question if those are even words? Dracarys is a High Valyrian word used in the famous series Game of Thrones for Dragonfire. In the show, Daenerys says 'Dracarys' to Drogon to encourage him to breathe fire! Khulja sim sim or Open Sesame is from the Middle Eastern folktales of The Thousand and One Nights, Ali Baba, the modest woodcutter, discreetly observed 40 robbers stash their loot in a cave and learned that the cave only opens to one verbal order "Khul ja sim sim!". Once the thieves left, Ali went to the cave, said khul ja sim sim and the, and the doors to vast riches, plenty, and affluence mysteriously. The phrase Abracadabra is a magic word used in stage magic shows, and it was formerly thought to have healing properties when engraved on an amulet.

I know you are wondering why am I rambling about folktales from way back when, what I am trying to say is that words have power and carry energy with them. Dracarys, Khul ja sim sim, Abracadabra literally saved lives, unlock treasures and performed magic!

Author James T. Mangan wrote in the early 1900s on how language and words might help us actualize our desires and objectives by bridging the "gap" between our conscious and subconscious minds. Simply said, we may aspire to be the next Ambani or Mark Zuckerberg on a conscious level, but we may be harbouring subconscious self-doubt or destructive behaviours. So, unbeknownst to us, our conscious and subconscious minds are aiming for two separate goals.

Mangan proposed mantra-like affirmations called switch words' in his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, to help you generate all that you desire — money, creativity, self-healing, love and success — by bypassing conscious thought and directly reaching the subconscious mind.

These aren't your typical words. They are phrases that are paradoxical, strong, and specially chosen to activate your subconscious. They activate a deep switch in your ideas and behaviours, allowing you to connect with your objectives and attract what you genuinely desire in life.

Does that sound too spooky? Don't be afraid, there's nothing evil about words- these are switch words.

What are Switchwords?

Switch words are just words that determine and shift your energy from one dimension to the next. It indicates that words have the ability to alter your energy. Switch words, often known as single-word affirmations, can be used to substitute affirmations.

How do Switchwords work?

You can manifest anything you want with the help of switch words. These potent phrases activate your potential to manifest wealth, love, creativity, consciousness, and prosperity by speaking straight to your subconscious mind. Both personally and professionally, we all have goals and aspirations that we want to achieve. Switch words help you achieve them

Switch words are seed mantras in English. In Hinduism and Buddhism, there are many mantras that are created with the help of seed mantras e.g. in Shiv Mantra, ‘Om Namah Shivay'’ is created with seed mantras like Om, Shivay.

How to use Switchwords effectively?

There are several ways to employ switch words. For starters, you can write them down in your diary, focus on one or more switch words, or murmur one throughout the day. Alternatively, you may just utilise them as needed. There are no hard and fast regulations. Try them all or just the one that speaks to you.

Some common yet useful switch words

  • Find, divine, count, done and scheme - These are used to manifest wealth in our lives

  • Together- It is a master switch word that can be spoken prior to any other switch word as it helps focus on your intention

  • Bring - It is the manifestation power word. It can be used alone or with other words to help you bring what you desire in life

  • Love, Rejoice, Divine - Use these words to attract love in your life

  • Adjust - This creates balance and helps handle difficult and unpleasant situations

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