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Uncover The True Prowess Of Being Alone

Let me start by asking you a question. Do you find joy in being alone? Or can’t stand the thought of it? Does the thought of it make you happy or squeamish?

To begin with *revelations alert* I’ve definitely had a fair share of discomfort from being myself. I’m grateful to say that I’ve truly learned how to love being on my own now, well at least, I’m on the path. So today I want to share some of the realizations I’ve had after spending time with myself, alone.

First things first, it’s completely normal to feel the desire to be around other people. It is in our very fabric to seek connection and belong to a wider community in search of meaning in our relationships. This is perhaps the key reason why I think it can be so difficult to truly enjoy being alone. Secondly we never really are alone, are we? Our phones and the rest of the tech has made sure of that. Our worlds have gotten smaller but also a lot busier and crowded.

The true power of being alone is never discussed really. Mainly because I think the lines between alone and lonely are extremely easy to blur out. Yet, spending time alone has so much more to offer in all aspects of our lives and a conscious effort needs to be made to experience the benefits.

Restores your energy levels & promotes positivity from within

Daily stresses of life, be it commuting to work, work itself, constant socialization and more drains us of our energies; The very energy that was necessary to heal our subconscious as well as conscious body and mind. Spending some time in solitude each day in such cases becomes extremely crucial for each one of us. Being alone in silence allows us some time to heal from within and to promote the flow of positivity and good energies. It is only in silence and solitude can we ever reflect inwards and focus on our restoration.

Without restoration of positivity & energy, you’ll be carrying the baggage of each day with you and creating a pile of excess. This won’t just be a recipe for disaster, but will also be a recipe for disaster!

Increase in productivity & creativity

Why do you think the biggest artists, businessmen and other successful people run off to the mountains/beaches (you get the point) to spend some time in solitude every now and then?

It is minus the distractions of the world can you truly produce your best work. Spending time in solitude alone opens up time to observe things within as well as outside that, in turn, proves inspiring. If you’re feeling inspired you’ll be 100% more productive for sure. Being alone also saves you a whole lot of energy both mentally and spiritually. You can better invest this energy where absolutely necessary by choice, i.e, feeling better.

Understand yourself like never before

There is so much more to yourself than what you see on the surface. Your subconscious is an ocean that’s yet untouched. Spending time alone allows you to practice getting in touch with your subconscious. I kid you not when I say, you have an abundance of happiness, peace, & knowledge within that is waiting to be explored. I help you look within to find this treasure through numerous services including but not limited to mindfulness coaching, the law of attraction course, subconscious mind programming, healing and more. More on that later!

Gaining a deeper sense of who you are and what you want will help you in all sections of your life. The better you know yourself, the better you will be at life. This also improves your overall relationship trajectory so to say. In addition, once you understand yourself, you can apply this knowledge in dealing with your demons.

So being alone/spending time in solitude is important, but you’d ask how you can possibly take out the time. Let me help you with that. Try the following.

  1. If you’re at work, try taking a few lunch breaks alone

  2. If you can, get to the office early when preferably no one else is around

  3. Wake up early and try meditating at the start of the day

  4. If you own the business, avoid taking calls for an hour or so

  5. If you’re going away, make it count by giving yourself enough time

  6. Keep your phone and all gadgets aside for at least an hour in the day

  7. When away, keep your gadgets as far as possible, for as long as possible

  8. Take enough breaks

  9. Travel more and make them about your individual experiences

  10. Go on solo exploratory trips

The point is, take every opportunity of being alone that you can. Although tricky at first, spending time alone in solitude can turn out to be more enjoyable than you think.

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