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Karma can be changed with right intensions

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

If there is one thing about life that's most misunderstood, it's Karma.

The most popular misgiving is that Karma is negative. It's considered scary, something one must be most careful of. The other misgiving is that Karma is static, set in stone and nothing can be done about it.

Truth be told, Karma can be changed.

What most people overlook when they say that Karma can't be changed is that it's something they have created, thus they have all the power to change it.

Why do they think this way?

The first reason could be the stuff they keep heard since childhood. This noise about karma gets so set in their heads that if somebody tells them that Karma is mutable, they look at him in wonder and are often about to say - you must be joking, man!

The other reason could be a lack of self-belief.

Not only has the narrative about Karma become distorted over time, but astrology, a science that has Karma as a principal tool has also gotten corrupted such that many people see astrologers as con men or people who talk nonsense, mostly.

Ask an astrologer that knows his stuff or a palmist of some depth and they both will tell you this: take a picture of your palms and do good deeds over a while as Karma is created by way of thought, word, and deed, and then take another picture after another 5 years or so. If you have been careful over this period, you will realize that the lines on your palms have changed. Sometimes, the change may not be obvious to you but a well-trained palmist can help you see things on your palms that an untrained eye like yours may not be able to.

However, changing karma requires discipline, of both mind and body. You may have great control over your physical actions but what about your mind? What about thoughts that cross your mind all the time and what do you do with them?

Changing karma also requires an understanding of your past karma. A seasoned astrologer may be able to see and understand your karma, as well as karmic patterns that dog you and advise you on a set of dos and don'ts, and they, may not always be about what poojas to perform or what stones to wear, etc. A good astrologer will guide you towards correct behavior, of both mind and body so that you can not only correct your karma but take charge of it.

Should you need help, do connect with me.

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