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How to prepare yourself for receiving spiritual healing

Think you are ready to receive spiritual healing?

Before you commence a healing session, I'd like you to understand the real meaning of spiritual healing. The word 'spiritual' is derived from 'spiritus,' a Latin word that means 'breath of life.' In the spiritual healing process, a transfer of energy is involved. The healer acts as a bridge between you and the Divine energy/ Universe to channel the healing for your body, mind and spirit. A body needs to undergo some preparation to receive the complete spiritual healing energy. When your mind and body are ready, that is when the healing will bring you into a state of wellbeing.

No religion is linked to Spiritual healing, and therefore even can heal the most skeptical people with it. Regardless of your religious belief, sooner or later, healing will come; it belongs to you. While all this is true, I would suggest some preparation before enhancing your healing session and making it more meaningful.

Here, let's have a look at some ways you can engage before receiving Spiritual Healing.

Have an open mind

There is no need for you to be spiritual to extract the benefits out of Spiritual Healing. I, as a healer, recommend all my clients to free their minds of any barriers and inhibitions. Mind is a powerful thing, and an open mind is critical to gain maximum benefits. So, once your mind is open to possibilities, you can visit a healer for your healing session.

A spiritual healing session is highly suggested for an anxious and stressed-out mind. Even if you often feel physically drained, this therapy is for you. It can make you feel more balanced and relaxed. This preparation of having an open mind might already make you feel good, but there is always a chance of feeling better.

Relax, Take a Deep Breath

Most of my clients who approach me for healing complain of a boggled mind. For a healing session to work for you, you first need to have a calm mind. Try and quiet your mind and let go of whatever is on it. The best way to do so is to work on your breath consciously.

Practice this for a few moments and see what wonders it does.

  • Fill your lungs by breathing in through your nose and then breathing out through your mouth.

  • Your belly should expand when you breathe in and then return to its original form when you breathe out.

  • Breathe evenly and in a rhythm.

  • Be aware of your breathing in this rhythm for at least a couple of minutes.

  • If at all at any point during this process you start feeling dizzy, return to normal breathing immediately.

Focus on love.

Do you have hatred for someone? Do you get irritated or angry very easily? Are you unkind, boastful or envious sometimes? These are some questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no without a thought. To be able to walk in love, ask yourself these questions and let the Lord reveal to you the areas in your personality where you need to improve and show love.

Having a stubborn heart could probably be the greatest hindrance to

receiving anything from God, even healing. Don't let this lack of love keep you from being healed. Open up your heart wide and let all the love from the world pour in. Ask God to guide you where you can grow and how you can love others better. Love could be that one key that opens all the doors to your healing.

Be Honest with Yourself

Have you heard of the idiom 'honesty is the best policy? Yes, it is true that honesty "Is" the best policy, not just for others but for yourself too. Whenever I'm helping someone heal, my first step is to make them aware of what they need to change in their lives. I understand it is near impossible to expect someone to change something they don't even know about, but when it comes to healing, it is vital, to be honest with yourself about at least the things that you are aware of. What are the things that make you sad or happy? These answers are sometimes found only within ourselves. To get these answers, we often need someone on the outside (a confidant, a counselor, a family member) to talk about it to gain some perspective. Once you are honest about yourself, it'll give the healer an insight that is essential to change and heal.

Connect With Your Deepest Self

In this digital world, it is very easy to disconnect from our inner selves. We all tend to spend most of our time either online, plugged in or tuned in. To stay connected to your deepest self, you need to take time out where you just do nothing except think about who you are and why you exist in this world. On figuring out what is crucial for you and your life, you can shun off the daily stresses and irritants and make your life super easy and burden-free. Having a strong connection with your inner self means better response to the healing session.

 Listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly.

A body speaks to its master, and you need to listen to it from time to time. It could be sleep habits related, diet-related, exercise or even about the sins that need to be dealt with. Hearing your body is a critical part of preparing your mind, body and soul to receive healing. Work on what your body tells you and make adjustments according to that. Pay attention, and that is all you need to be healed.

Stop worrying about results and outcomes of healing.

Having a lot of expectations beforehand from the session in itself limits healing. Every individual responds to healing differently. The recovery might show up at a different time or in another form than expected. I have so many clients who leave with very few effects, only to call me to report magical results a few days later. Having non-attachment to the outcome allows you to focus only on the work without worrying about healing performance.


If the traditional prayers and practices are not for you, then meditation is what you should try. Meditation helps bring calm to almost every storm. Try meditating before your spiritual healing session and be amazed at the miraculous results.

Be Aware of the Role of Your Past

A human body remembers and everything. Anything that you ever said or thought has remained stored within your body cells. We all look at the world from the lens of our past. Having an understanding of your past increases your chances of faster spiritual healing. You need to see the bigger picture and gain perspective of the situation you find yourself in.

These are a few steps that I suggest. Follow them, and you will be all set to receive Spiritual Healing from your healer. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact me anytime.

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