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Why planets affect us - astronomy, astrology or Science?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

According to Dr. Percy Seymour (British Astrophysicist and astronomer, Ph.D.), the revolving planets trigger solar activities and geomagnetism and hence play a vital role in developing the brain and body of a human. The Sun, Moon and other planets transmit their effects to us via magnetic signals and cosmic frequencies. Since magnetic forces, magnetic radio forces and cosmic frequencies are omnipresent, they affect the biological cycles of living creatures on earth. As per Seymour's multi-link theory, planets raise tides in the gases of the Sun and create sunspots and particle emissions, which travel across interplanetary space and strike the earth's biological magnetosphere. The magnetic signals thus perceived by the neural network of the fetus inside the mother's womb lead to the child's birth with the personality of then-dominant planetary frequency. Since it is believed the auditory starts forming at the 18th week of pregnancy, as the fetus grows and their sense of hearing develops, they can distinguish various sounds. The vibrations are further transmitted into the ear via three bones the hammer(malleus), the anvil(incus) and the stirrup(stapes). These vibrations generate electromagnetic energy waves, which cause changes in the cells and affecting body functions. Different molecules vibrate at different frequencies depending on the temperature, can speed up or slow down(designing the brain) the human's behavior.

For example, moving to the planets, Saturn in astrology during a retrograde is said to have concentration issues or might injure his left/right leg. We all know that the left-brain lobe controls the right side of the body and the frontal lobe of the human brain is responsible for concentration and solving problems. The frequency of resolving issues and concentration is at a Gamma frequency (EEG) of band range 30 to 100+Hertz, which is also Saturn's frequency effects on the body. Hence it does affect analytical thinking power(left side of the brain).

Likewise, the moon can cause tides in the ocean, and since 70% of our body is water, the moon can definitely affect our body in a particular manner, especially the human mood and behavior.

All cosmic bodies influence all particles on earth through gravity, including electrons, protons and neutrons that make up human's psychological emotions. According to quantum mechanics, all the particles in the universe are entangled with one another and hence every planet influences the other directly or indirectly. If this universe is viewed as a photon, the entire universe is but a standpoint and everything in the past. It will happen in the future and can be compressed to a single point of time, indicating that the past, present and future exist, and a photon is singular. Hence photon is the only particle, and gravity is the only force that transcends time and space. Thus all cosmic bodies influence everything on earth, including the lives on earth.

Where the Sun activates our digestive enzymes, the moon aids PCOD. Hence, when the moon gets afflicted with Saturn or mars, the person might feel depressed, so does the mensuration cycle of women influenced by Mars and the moon. People having afflicted moon, venus will have hormonal problems. A person with a tormented mind (represented by the moon) never finishes his food on the plate. A famous quote, "A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician" by Hippocrates (father of medicine), says it all.

"The Grand Unified Theory, "as per scientists, will lead to "Theory of everything, which humanity couldn't achieve yet, so there is a possibility that celestial moments can affect humans. Physicist Hawking has concluded that it is not possible to come up with a theory of everything. Another factor is cosmic rays (Sun and other planets), which slam into your body every second. These rays are too low energy, causing few genetic mutations and drivers of evolution.

These rays are from the universe and not limited to Sun. There are many other theories too, such as the Twinkies "The twin Paradox," stardust etc.

Hence to conclude, my understanding is simply this, that planets are an expression of us, and there exists absolutely no scientific evidence. I opine astrology can be the law of karma, out of the tools of astrophysics. While "radiation pressure" does exist, planets being transmitters, but to understand why they affect us is because we are connected to planets and stars energetically, through gravity, electromagnetism, nuclear strong, nuclear weak, space radiation, which the human nerve cells can pick and wire the subconscious according to the frequency of the dominant planet at the time of birth

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