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How can yoga affect your mental health?

yoga has a huge positive impact on our mental health. We are all well aware of the fact that yoga provides immense benefits to our physical health. And it has been far more popular, now more than ever since we've realised its role in improving our mental health.

In ancient times yoga united poses with breathing and concentration, to build strength and awareness about the surroundings, and to be able to build a harmonic relation between mind and body.

And with modern times, where everything is so fast and on time, people have forgotten to build that harmony between their mind, body and soul. As a low-impact exercise, yoga tends to lower the stress hormones in people while increasing the good hormones and chemicals in..

How does yoga benefit your brain?

Yoga is a holistic approach to keep your body and brain healthy and active. It corrects and maintains blood circulation so oxygenated blood is constantly supplied to all body parts ,brain too which is primary requirement of all living cells,glucose is also supplied in the same way. Endocrine and other secretory glands function normally to keep the metabolism at its normal rate,which is essential for a healthy body.Toxic materials are not allowed to accumulate in the body. Keeping concentration ONLY on what is being done DURING ASAN PRACTICE & PRANAYAM brain waves or brain activity is brought to minimum level this gives brain cells to rest for a while. Later this helps in generating positive thoughts, new ideas,helps in increasing memory and alertness of brain. In the end when MEDITATION and PRAYER is done you are completely satisfied, confidant and contended. Sympathetic and non sympathetic parts of autonomous nervous system are balanced during Nadi shodhan, that balances lobes of brain which results in normal patient,and cool behavior.

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