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I help you find your wounds and heal your subconscious using tools like
Reiki, Lama Fera, Ho‘oponopono, Vastu, Angel therapy, Trance healing and more. 
As a healer, I come with vast experience and knowledge about various
divination tools and methods to heal the subconscious.
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About Healing Your Subconscious

The concept of Healing Your Subconscious came about with an idea that we all are searching

for happiness, freedom from troubles, and peace of mind outside ourselves. Instead, I focus on

holistic healing with the understanding that ultimate happiness is within our minds and we have to

search it inwards ie; your subconscious. 


I truly believe that the subconscious is omnipresent and is extremely powerful. It can see everything,

that your conscious mind cannot see. A powerful subconscious mind not only knows who you are

and what you want but it can manifest energies for making things happen for you.


In this fast-moving world, we often ignore our intuitions, our inner voice which is nothing but our subconscious guiding us. That plus our actions of constantly distracting ourselves with instant

gratifications, unresolved emotional issues, and more damages our connection with our

subconscious mind. And when your subconscious mind is wounded, all hell breaks loose. 

With Healing Your Subconscious, I am trying to create a safe space and center for

spirituality and healing for you. I offer holistic healing services that include emotional and relationship

counseling like CBT, NLP along with, spiritual healing services like Reiki, Lama Fera, Ho'oponopono, etc,

and astrological services like Tarot card reading, Oracle card reading, angel therapy, crystal therapy and more. 

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As a part of holistic healing,

I can help you with the below services


Through counseling and various behavioral therapy, I help men and women who aim to succeed in their personal as well as professional lives. After regular counseling, you will be able to connect with your inner self, be more tender and peaceful and overall have a healthier approach to life. 

I undertake various counseling services like relationship counseling, family counseling, child counseling, and behavioral therapies like CBT, NLP and more. 


I am a gifted astrologer and psychic reader that can help you gain insights and understanding about your life’s most challenging problems. By establishing a connection with your intuition and the subconscious mind, I can tap the universal wisdom and receive insights into your soul so that you can look into your subconscious mind. This way, I can help you find answers to most important questions about relationships, career, finances and more!

I can help you with various astrological and psychic techniques like Tarot Card Reading, Oracle Card Reading, Angel Cards, Crystal Therapy, Numerology and more



From my core, I know I am meant to serve humanity on a spiritual level & heal their subconscious mind. With my gift, I aim to help those in need over the tough times of their lives & discover their own unique and sacred power. 

Regardless if you are mourning the death of a loved one, or need to heal from a breakup, a disease or abuse– I can help improve your overall mental well-being through a healing session.

I undertake various healing services like Reiki, Ho‘oponopono, Shamanism, Switchwords, Lama Fera, Affirmations and more. 

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