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Find your charger

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Mobile phones do not just occupy that space called the palm of our hands, they practically run our lives. But they would come to naught if one thing went missing; The Mobile Charger.

People are forever trying to charge their phones so that they don't miss that call, that text, social media posts, and even the videos that have set reminders.

Yes, people are forever trying to Find Their Charger.

The funny bit is that they don't know which charger to plug in when their lives are at a low ebb or run completely out of battery.

People opt for several methods to recharge themselves. Some good, some not so good. Let's look at these and figure out what works, what's good for you, and what doesn't.

  1. Get intoxicated or retreat: Popular and easiest route to take for many. It helps to ease you somewhat but it's only for some time, often only for a few hours. Not a long-term solution at all.

  2. Cry your heart out: For many, this is a great stress buster as they unload themselves with copious crying and feel fresh once that episode of shedding tears is over. This too works for a while but doesn't take you further.

  3. Lose your temper, "Hit" the Gym: Many do this and are mostly successful in literally letting the steam out. This too is a remedy that lasts for a while and is never a permanent solution.

  4. Watching funny videos or doing laughter therapies/dance therapies: These methods have been in the vogue of late and some of these have effects that last longer than a few hours. But the fact is that you need to know what works for you and when; plus, you need to be regular with these as they don't just recharge you after you feel drained but also equip you to face issues in life.

  5. Being with nature, taking a stroll, or enjoying tantra spa and message: These techniques are known to have a calming effect on both mind and body and some people use them regularly, even when they aren't facing issues as they gear them up for forthcoming challenges.

The ones listed above (not an exhaustive list, you can add some as well; cooking works for me as an instant solution, often, busts stress like anything) are solutions that offer a quick fix but are mostly like charging a phone whose battery drains out fast.

Let's now look at some solutions that have a long-term effect and some of these may even fix the problem for life so that you have a charger and a battery that work at optimum, all the time.

  1. Meditate: You can figure out your methods (ones you may have picked up from family, friends, or even the internet) or find a guru that can truly guide you and help you elevate yourselves internally. Regular meditation, especially one that is done under the watch of an accomplished guru helps, especially over the long term.

  2. Visiting a psychologist, undergoing therapies: Good psychologists or therapists use a scientific approach; like hearing you out patiently, getting to the root of the problem, diagnosing it, and figuring out the actual causes. And then, they actively work with you till such time that the problem isn't sorted out in its entirety. This too is a long-term approach and can deliver a life-long impact. Among the many techniques available are NLP, CBT, EFT, etc and behavioral therapists use them regularly. They are highly effective but you must first check the antecedents of the therapist as many aren't as bothered about the patients as they are about their bank accounts.

  3. Consulting a healer: Some healers offer pranic or energy healing and while some swear by them, many dismiss these as mumbo jumbo. The fact is that many of these healing techniques have evolved from our ancient Vedic texts and were used regularly by our Rishis and Munis too often heal themselves or others around them.

  4. Astrology and related remedies (going the conventional way): Once again, it's easy to dismiss this as illogical. The fact is that astrology is a science in itself and a good astrologer can go deep, and correlate your charts with karmic patterns, and very often these are rooted in the family. Good astrologers offer remedies that may seem to take time but the impact they offer could be long-term, even life-long.

  5. Yoga and Pranayam: The two have become fads, especially in the west. Yoga is a full system of disciplining your mind and body and millions across the world have and are continuing to benefit from the effects it delivers. However, one needs to be regular with these as both mind & body suffer wear and tear regularly and hence need constant nourishment.

One can add many more to the above and my recommendation is that you choose a long-term solution as these can often deliver results that you may not expect, and they are most likely to be results that make you happy with your life. If you need further guidance, do get in touch with me.

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