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Core strength to fight Covid19

Medical science has always been against spirituality calling it superstitious, obnoxious, baseless and without proves. With latest psychological research, we have seen many facts related to mantras which have helped human mind grow more intelligent like Jain Mantras, Buddha Mantras etc. We cannot ignore the fact that meditation has always helped human mind recover faster from stress and anxiety than any other medicine (medicines may have side effects). Ancient yoga has been found more effective than modern day workouts, but unfortunately people still question “Spirituality”. Spirituality is knowing your own body and giving it a threptic treatment to make it healthier and more immune to modern day negative commotion.

We have seen astrologers, experts and modern-day scientists commenting on COVID- 19 giving various analogies, predictions and explanations. Medical science has been fighting this unprecedented COVID 19 bravely, but what has been ignored is in this war of life, people who turn their backs to the core of their origin, the DNA of ancestors(our ancestors didn’t know medicines, they knew herbs, yoga, spiritual practices). Pandemics have occurred in the past as well; many have died in the past too and every time human has evolved more powerful developing immunity to the diseases. So, what exactly is causing so much distress today?

Astrology says COVID is the effect of Rahu(demon) playing with human mind with various combinations given by various astrologers, spirituality says it is affecting the heart chakra and crown chakra and science says it’s a deadly virus. But where is the solution? Everyone is now speaking about ascension, yoga asana and pranayama. Were we waiting for this day to happen to do Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Saptashati, Mahamrityunjaya mantra and plant trees for oxygen? Sorry but humans haven’t yet realised it. People are crying over being affected, and panicking over health, yet, major masses of people ask what the authenticity of “mantras” but end up doing Mahamrityunjay when a loved one is dying. This is the level of hypocrisy we are living in. Correct? But if we look at the psychological aspect of the mantras they have a direct effect on the neurons of our brain invoking the theta state of the mind and connecting to the rest of the part of your body and indirectly making your body more intelligent to fight any foreign entity, may that be a virus or any negative thought. So is the case with meditation or any other Yogic Kriyas. People are obsessed over modern day science and have moved on from the origin (core of science). I am not against modern day science, but if we invoke a bit of our own power within ourselves will do us no harm.

People have predicted (much later) from time to time giving different combinations of planets stating it will go away at the said period. No one has ever said that it will continue to stay in the environment, and we will eventually get immune to it. Human mind and body have the capacity to with stand gallons of foreign particles, negative sources, we just need to trust our core and work on the spiritual aspect to make it happen. Modern man is lazy, hence prone to diseases, with a little intelligence of the body and mind it can overcome any diseases let alone Corona. Medical science helps in recovering from diseases, but with a healthy spiritual practice you can develop a balance to your 5 elements and counter any disease.

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