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5 Habits To Avoid If You Want To Manifest Successfully

Has this thought ever crossed your mind as to why is the Law of Attraction working for some and it isn’t for others? Why is it that some people are flourishing through positive thinking and others seem to be stuck in the loop of endless negativity? “How is everyone else around me positively manifesting while I am unable to?” is a very common question on the internet. Long before you realize, you’ll be beating yourself up for even thinking of this question and this basic seeming habit of self doubt will turn into a downward spiral for your subconscious.

Negative self-talk is a dark hole that will end up consuming your mind and you will find yourself in a box with no escape routes. This level of despair makes you question even the slightest chance of light.

But did you ever wonder whether is this the bad habit that is actually enabling you from truly manifesting your wishes? The answer to this is a gigantic YES! In fact habits like these are actually inviting more negative experiences and energies into your life.

When you’re releasing a frequency of despair, anxiety and constant desperation, you are in reality attracting more of it in your life. Now, this isn’t me saying that negative thoughts will be your doomsday or these bad habits are entirely your fault at all. Bad habits in fact are a result of one's childhood experiences and can always be corrected with the help of some guidance, intent and discipline.

Let me assist you in pointing out 5 of the most crucial habits to avoid if you want to manifest successfully.

Not being clear with your intent

Setting out a clear intent should be the first and foremost thing to undertake whenever you are practicing manifestation. Setting intent is equivalent to making a goal with utmost faith. Whenever it is that you set your intent, you showcase your faith in the universe. When you do have a clear intent of your desire, it is crucial that you note it down in your journal. Writing your intentions makes them solid and aligned with what you communicate with the universe. Remember, this is also an important step for the process of visualization.

Usage of negative words or vocabulary

Usage of positive affirmations and self-talk does not come naturally to a majority of us and is something that needs to be practiced. Using positive affirmations and words is a consistent process. Once you start using it in your daily lives, you’ll also be training your subconscious to start thinking on the same lines. What you emit out is what you’ll be attracting towards you. And so your words and thoughts need to emit positivity to attract the same frequency.

Not paying attention to your own self

Self care should always come first. If you aren’t taken care of, there is no way you can take care of anything else out there. An empty cup can never pour any energy out in the universe. You get the point right? If you are in dire need of nourishing food, sleep or self care, you’re going to definitely feel run down. And you know what? This is something that also causes negative energies to be emitted. So take care of yourself and make sure you’re healthy inside out.

Not Being Motivated Enough

Bringing in all that you can every single day can be a tough deal to achieve but certainly not impossible. Pushing yourself to be motivated about life and the things you want in them can bring in a great deal of drive. This drive plays a big role in the law of attraction and what frequency you let you.

Doubting yourself

Self-doubt is one of the biggest ways to completely and totally destroy your manifestation. No one is perfect, and recognizing that makes you believe in yourself. The key is to not allow your imperfections define who you are and what you do. No matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done in the past, you have to know for a fact that you still deserve abundance and happiness just as everyone else. The worth that you place on you is the worth that the universe places on you as well.

Other than the above, not having and showing gratitude, constantly feeling negative towards others, and lack of determination also play a huge factor in hindering your manifestations. So do away with these with regular conscious practice and feel the difference in your own energy as well as the difference in your manifestations.

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