• Poonam Dutta (Satyamshakti)

Why is this company's name Healing Your Subconscious?

Subconscious is omnipresent and is extremely powerful. It can see everything, which a conscious mind cannot see. It arguably knows who you are and what you really want. The “Subconscious” works as a storage bank of your awareness, and the areas which you cannot consciously register.

Its capacity is virtually unlimited, and it stores everything that has ever happened to you. Your subconscious is to store and retrieve data and ensures that your conscious self makes the decisions just like the way you are programmed.

Your subconscious is also responsible for creating a pattern for you. Hence “repeating positive affirmations”- one of my services for Law of attraction, reprograms your own thought pattern by aligning your energies towards positivity and success- oriented energy molecules and bites. This is also why motivational speeches and inspirational quotes are so effective.

However, your conscious self is your boss, which commands your subconscious to perform as per your pattern. Sometimes, it is very important to break that pattern. For example: Getting attracted to the same kind of a person every time- not allowing you to meet the right person, and thus not being able to get into a relationship, continuous heartbreaks or temporary relations. Addiction to anything is like “following a pattern”. Your subconscious is responsible for your pattern of behavior towards your emotionalized thoughts, desires and hopes.

Your subconscious mind is also called the “homeostatic impulse” which keeps your body temperature at 98.6 F, just like it keeps your breathing regular and keeps your heartbeat at a certain rate. These are all patterns you follow! Your subconscious mind causes you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable whenever you try anything new or different or try to change any of your established behavior patterns. The sense of fear is psychological signs that your subconscious has activated. And these feelings start working in the background as patterns long before you notice. We get committed to these patterns and hence gets difficult to break the habits. Hence discipline and time management might get difficult to follow for a lazy person. Working out daily may become a pattern, or not working out and giving excuses can also become a pattern.

For example we all know paracetamol can break your fever, but does it really cure fever? It has medical properties, but it’s our subconscious which activates positive energy signals to the body to heal, and automatically the body starts responding to it.

Successful people stretch themselves, out of their comfort zone. It is very important to study their behavioral pattern which may differ from someone who is less adamant to succeed in life or is too lazy or are too comfortable in their current situation. So is the case with a drug addict, he likes the idea of being a drug addict through his subconscious knows it is harmful. Learning techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind will help believe in your self and give you more confidence than ever and you will no longer feel the fear of the unknown.

Here, I train the brain to be in line with your true desires, dreams, and life goals. The more you tune your subconscious the more successful you will be. Don’t prime your actions by self-doubting, you can do more than you think. I am just a medium!

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