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Why Some Astrology Predictions Don’t Come True?

India is home to more astrologers than anywhere in the world simply because so many Indians seek astrological advice on questions related to their fate. Every time a child is born, people get a premium personalized horoscope made by an astrologer to know the child’s destiny. A horoscope, also known as Janmakshar or Kundli, is a map of your life created based on the positions of the stars at the exact time and location of your birth. Indian astrologers use this map to predict everything about you, including your career, your marriage, your temperament, and much more. Over the years, several of those predictions may come true, and some don’t. Listed below are the top 9 reasons why some predictions do not come true.

  • Reliance on Software Program: Some astrologers are naturally gifted, but others rely on software programs to make their predictions and do all their divining. The software may not make reliable predictions.

  • Erroneous Astrological Predictions: You need to find the right astrology expert who knows all the intricacies of the discipline and can help you in a better way. He should be competent enough to diagnose your problems as per the established astrological techniques. An accurate diagnosis can be done only by a professional astrologer having in-depth knowledge. If your astrologer is not genuine and lacks knowledge and information, then some of his predictions may not come true.

  • Undermining Intuition: Many people depend too much on astrology and base their astrological beliefs on Kundalis rather than their own intuition. That is why some predictions may not come true. Your destiny may be fixed, but which path to follow at different stages in life is best guided by your own intuition and not Kundalis.

  • Consulting Multiple Astrologers: Many people tend to go to multiple astrologers rather than consulting a genuine one. This multiplicity leads to variations in readings and predictions of different astrologers. Many a times, we consult astrologers who are not well-versed in astrology but are better at telling your story than others. Being convinced, we take their predictions to be true. But they may ultimately not happen.

  • Loss of Rationality & Logic: Most predictions are no better than a random guess. Believing too much in fate and horoscope predictions can alter your rationality, logic, and judgement, and unduly influence your decisions. Where the astrological predictions confuse you, you can be left in a dilemma, making you ponder over your decisions again and again. Some alterations in decisions may result in outcomes that are contrary to what was predetermined. That is why some predictions do not come true.

  • Mixing Native Astrology with Mundane Astrology: Native astrology is concerned with the astrological prediction of individuals following tenets prescribed by Jaimini Rishi, Parashara Rishi, etc. On the other hand, mundane astrology is concerned with a prediction about the land and the people at large. Any celestial happening like a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse affects the world as a whole. However, many astrologers try to connect the effects of celestial events with the horoscopes of individuals. Therefore, one of the causes of failed astrological predictions is use of Mundane Astrology system for predicting events of individuals.

  • Ignoring Key Divisional Charts in Making Predictions: Many astrologers completely ignore 16 divisional charts while making predictions about individuals. Some of the reasons for this ignorance are:

  • The time of birth should be correct for the effective use of these divisional charts.

  • Lack of skill and proper knowledge required for the calculation and interpretation of such charts

  • Insufficient time devoted by modern-day astrologers to study and analyse the divisional charts. So, astrological predictions may not come true when they lack the interpretation of divisional charts.

  • Lack of Egolessness: Astrology is divine knowledge, and every prediction needs divine intervention for its fulfillment. Egoless-ness is the primary qualification for a competent astrologer. If he is full of ego, his predictions are not likely to come true because every prediction needs the grace of the Almighty. An astrologer who is egoless, knowledgeable, and thinks of himself as only a conduit can make the right predictions.

  • Karmic Influences: Astrology is essentially based on your karma. Your astrologer makes predictions for your life based on your present karma. If you improve your karma by fulfilling the remedies suggested by your astrologer, you are most likely to have a better future. But if you do not improve your karma, then your future may turn out to be even worse than what was predicted. So, good karmas can lead to better future, and bad karmas may lead to your downfall.

Therefore, given the above reasons, every prediction may not come true in the literal sense. You must consider astrology as a guiding principle that will take you to the path best for you and ensure that you lead a successful life.

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