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Why am I an "Astrologer who doesn't predict?"

Updated: Nov 19

If the above sounds surprising, you are not to be blamed. Most of us are conditioned to look at astrologers as "people who predict." Astrologers too have played along, mostly, and as a result, people's understanding of "Jyotish Vidya or Jyotish Shastra" has become warped.

Why has astrology become chained into "predictions?"

I can only guess the reasons. As I understand, over time, our ancient knowledge and wisdom got diluted and those who had true knowledge started becoming distant from the people. Most would go to those who had half or superficial knowledge and hence the "predictive" part gained ascendance.

If astrology isn't about predictions, then what is it?

Astrology is based on calculations of planetary positions at the time of birth which reflects one's karma. This helps in charting out a road map for an individual with possibilities at each step. What one makes out of possibilities that are good as well as bad, depends on the individual.

So, how to get the best out of an astrologer or an Astro reading?

If your astrologer works as your guide and provides you with navigational guidance on life's vicissitudes, then he/she is rendering a great service to you. If you are told that this "can happen," I suggest you take it as good advice and march on, carefully.

Does astrology draw upon other streams as well?

Many astrologers help people by helping them solve problems via methods like healing, therapies, crystals, and much more. These are all allied streams but a word of caution here. You must ask questions on how to "use" these to your best advantage as nothing works by itself, YOU have to make it work.

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