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What is Shamanism and the Role of a Shaman?


What is Shamanism?

The term ‘shamanism’ comes from the word ‘šaman’ that means “one who knows” in the Manchu-Tungus family of languages.

Shamanism is a traditional spiritual practice wherein a practitioner (shaman) interacts with the spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance or ecstatic spiritual experience. The goal of this practice is to direct spirits or spiritual energies to the physical world for healing.

Shamanism is one of the oldest belief systems in the world, which dates back to almost 30,000 years and is known to have started in Siberia and Mongolia. It is believed to have originated among hunting-and-gathering cultures and some herding-and-farming societies.

Shamanism is quite common among Arctic people, American Indians, Australian Aborigines, and African groups. Many formalized religions, such as Buddhism and Christianity, originated from ancient shamanic roots and still hold the deep shamanic connection to the divine in everything.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are shamanic practitioners known to have the ability to communicate with the spirit world, predict the future, heal the sick, and escort the souls of the dead people to the spirit world. They can be healers, religious leaders, religious functionaries, magicians, counselors, councilors, performing artists, or even storytellers. In ancient times, shamans were referred to as ‘witch doctors’ or ‘priests of the devil’, because of their power to enter the trance state at will.

Historically, shamans have included men, women, and transgender individuals of every age from middle childhood onward. However, most shamans have been men, with occasionally a woman becoming a shaman after menopause.

What is the Role of a Shaman?

As healers, shamans can:

  • move into altered states of consciousness

  • connect with the spirit world to gather information for healing purposes, and

  • help individuals diagnose their problems using the knowledge they gather.

For shamanic healing, the shaman enters into an altered state of consciousness that he induces either by repetitive drumming or rattling or by psychological practices, such as sensory overload or sensory deprivation.

Kurukulla – The Shaman Goddess of Power & Influence

Kurukulla, also known as Red Tara, is an ancient tribal deity with a wrathful, ferocious yet divine and charming form. She is considered the “Diva” of the Dakinis (messengers and facilitators). She represents pristine awareness and primordial energy and is the cause of knowledge and wisdom. She uses her divine beauty and enchanting magic to attract good fortune, create auspicious conditions, and remove obstacles in our practice of Dharma.

In the shamanic practice of mediumship or spirit possession, one of the most required deities is Kurukulla because of her characteristics and magical operation that link her with exorcism and healing. Many mediums or shamans perform Kurukulla practices and some specific ancient rituals and prayers, working with Kurukulla in a "shamanic" style.

Since Kurukulla controls the spirit world and protects against all harm and evil spirits, she is called upon by shamanic practitioners to obtain wisdom and academic success.


Today, people consult with modern-day shamanic practitioners, such as physicians, diagnosticians, and psychotherapists. They seek practical solutions to everyday problems, including personal health issues, professional challenges, family discords, or ancestral issues. A successful shaman has mastered detachment from ego and pride and has acquired the necessary skills of empathy and compassion.

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