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  • Poonam Dutta (Satyamshakti)

Universe (E=MC^2)

How Shivling came?

Shivling is shyambhu (self created) out of consciousness. It’s like we sleep and dream when we are not in our conscious. Same sub conscious state is the creation of the universe.

As per Vedas(just a crux): Worship both Sambhuti(matter) and Asambhuti(energy), otherwise there will not be any balance to life, while we worship only the param tattava(matter).

Creation(0): Pouring of water on shivling, or putting it under a water body to cool the energy(the big bang).

Destruction(0): Bhasma Aarti(putting the bhasma or ash of human body shows the destruction of the human form/body :death).

To support this concept: Science says there is a destructible energy in the universe(a black hole) which destroys planets to dust.

How Shivling came? Shivling is Shyambhu(self created) out of consciousness and destruction is nothing but universe which is born out of nothingness(0) merging back to nothingness(0). Hence shivling has two functions: creation and destruction. Creation is nothing but our own inner consciousness and destruction is breaking of illusion(maya).

When we talk about highest manifestion of brahma, is par brahma(the universe). Again creation is nothingness and merging back to nothingness. Science says, 0 is ellipsoidal shaped shivling which with the energy bang, infinity came into being 1,000000000 and that’s the universe.

Now coming to your soul, paramatma or power of Preservation or Lord Vishnu – preserver of Universes energy, 1st avatar of Vishnu was fish, and 2nd was Turtle. In last 150 years, science has proved how life evolved and got preserved on earth.

Param atma + param tatva + mahakal + kaal = Universe(Brahma)

What is Paramtatva?

Protons and Neutrons are connected to the nucleus. So are Vishnu and Brahma connected through the naval chord. Nucleus is called Nabhi(belly button) in Hindi. Electrons revolve around the nucleus in their rings depicted as Shiva’s dance in the ring of fire.

Since energy and matter are two(shiv and shakti), hence two type of worship is considered for spiritual awakening:

  1. Meditation(yogatma se param atma

  2. Idol Worship(param tatva)

Why Idol worship?

Hindus do that, even when they buy any commodity home like Car or buy a house, like they worship any idol. Example: Aarti and coconut ritual. Because a Car being a matter has been moulded from metal to form nataraja(god), but there is no change of composition of proton, neutrons and electrons.

Both are trinity:

Energy has trinity aspect: Creation +ve, destruction -ve, and preservation =(neutral)

Matter has trinity aspect, proton +ve, electron -ve, and neutrons =

Hindus personified it as Brahma +ve, Shiva -ve and Vishnu =

Now the main calculation:

Universe consists of 4 things:

  1. Param aatma(energy)

  2. Param Tattva(matter)

  3. Mahakaal(time)

  4. Kaal(black space)

Today Science says time and space are not different. They are different attributes to one thing and hindus use one word for them both “kaal”

  1. Param aatma

  2. Param tattva

Both are param(supreme).Hence are equal.

Aatma = tatva

Energy = matter

E =M

E= MC^2(solar formation/universe)

C here is time and space, considered as one” kaal”

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