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Twin Flames and 5 Myth Busters

There are a lot of misconceptions about twin flames. Many people assume that a twin flame is the same as a lover, a romantic partner, or a soul mate and use the terms interchangeably. But a twin flame has a higher purpose and a significant role to play in your life. While a twin flame relationship can be romantic, it can also be entirely platonic. Here are some myth busters to help you understand twin flame relationships better.

Myth 1: Twin Flames are born to be lovers

No, twin flames may not necessarily be lovers. A twin flame can be a close friend, a romantic

partner, a family member, a mentor, a spiritual guide, or even a disciple.

 While some twin flames are lovers, some are just best friends. You needn’t feel sexually attracted to your twin flame for the relationship to be legitimate. It is perfectly normal to have a platonic relationship between twin flames.

Myth 2: Soul Mates and Twin Flames mean the same

No, twin flames and soul mates have different natures and functions. Twin flame relationships are deep, intense, and highly challenging. Their purpose is to help the twin flames grow spiritually.

On the other hand, soul mate relationships are milder and more peaceful. Their purpose is to

provide mutual help and support. A perfect analogy to explain this is the difference between fire (twin flames) and water (soul


Myth 3: You can have many Twin Flames

No, you can probably have many soul mates, but you will always have just one twin flame or

twin soul. As the word “twin” implies, there can be only one other person in the universe who can be called your twin flame.

Most common relationships provide an opportunity for mutual help, support, and growth. But

twin flame relationships are rare and help individuals to evolve and awaken spiritually.

Myth 4: Twin Flames are toxic to be around

Twin flames can have toxic mindsets and inner wounds, but they are not harmful to be around. On the contrary, twin flames are very loving, caring, inspiring, and supportive people. They help us to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Real twin flames will have some negative traits, but their positive qualities will supersede the

negative ones. On the other hand, false twin flames have a negative aura, are toxic to be around, and make you feel sorrowful and depressed inside.

Myth 5: You cannot have a false twin flame relationship

 It is true that love indeed blinds us, and we can be in a false twin flame relationship. Either due to your false perception or the enactment of a pretense by the other person, it’s possible to mistake someone as your twin flame.

The best way to know whether someone is a false twin flame is to understand

  • whether they share the same values as you do

  • whether you can be your true self around them

  • whether there is any mutual spiritual transformation taking place

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