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True essence of god, conversation between Shiv and Parvati

Sharing a conversation between Shiv and Shakti,(from Vigyan Bhairav, 114 ways of self realization meditation technique, Shiva Puran, Devi Bhagwatam and Kunjika Strotram essence).When Shiva was teaching Parvati tantrism, the goddess had some questions. So the conversation goes like this:

Goddess: “I have heard everything originating from the union of God and Goddess. From the essence of Trika system, along with its subdivisions. But, o god, even now my doubts are not removed.

O God, what is your real nature? Is it a collection of words? Or is it the 9 different forms? Or is it the combination of three different heads, or energies(Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), or you consisting of sound, or point or half moon? Is it your nature that of energy ascending the chakras, or is it the voweless sound? Is medium and inferior energy divisible in parts? If that is also nature of supreme(transcendent) energy, then it is inconsistent with transcendence. How can the supreme being be indivisible and yet be a composite of parts?”

God answers(Shiva is talking here): “ Dear one, even though the subject is very difficult to understand, I will explain it to you. Know, whatever has been declared as the divided forms of God , know that goddess to be insubstantial, like a magic show, like an illusion or dream. These concepts are used as a support for meditation for people of confused minds, It is only for people who are stuck in dualizing thoughts, confused in external factors.

In reality, god is neither the 9 forms nor a collection of words. Not of three heads and nor of three energies. Not sound or point nor half moon. Ascending the chakras is not my essence, and nor energy my nature.

These concepts are for those whose intellect is not mature or not enough to understand the Ultimate reality. They are just like a mother who frightens children away from danger, and encourages everyone to commence spiritual practices.

I am free of all concepts of time or direction. I am not at a particular place. It is impossible to accurately represent or describe god in words. One may experience the joy of god within oneself, when the mind is still and free of thoughts. That state of god is bliss, is the goddess. One should know my essential nature is that of joy, pure and pervading the entire universe..

In this way, God’s highest state is celebrated, and through this form the highest form of supreme goddess is also celebrated. There is no difference between energy and possessor of energy, there is no difference between supreme energy(goddess) and god.

The burning power of fire is not different from fire. It only described separately to enable us to learn the essential nature. When one is in the state of Divine Energy , one is in the state of God , as it is said goddess is the entrance to god.

Just as, by the light of a lamp and the rays of the sun portions of space are perceived. Similarly, O Dear one, through the goddess(Energy/shakti), God is known”

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