• Poonam Dutta (Satyamshakti)

The ultimate guide to Saty Rake

What is Saty Rake?

Saty Rake is a healing modality to switch moods, emotions, and energy around the aura. It has some therapies, mantras, counseling sessions, yogic exercises which trigger the frontal lobe of the brain for a more intelligent outlook towards life, decluttering of the pineal gland, and switching energies making a balance between your left hemisphere of the brain with the right hemisphere. Saty Rake has the potential to declutter all your toxic bonds and with practice releases you of karmic patterns and sufferings. It is a modality with many scientific benefits which will be explained to the client as and when the procedure continues. Saty Rake is a healing modality where the client takes charge of their mind, soul, and body and can heal themselves without any dependency from a healer.

Why Saty Rake?

Observing the changing human behavioral patterns and measuring the characteristics of fellow humans, it becomes easier to recognize the depths of human emotions. I want to bring out the higher self of a person going through emotional distress by helping them master the art of dealing with and controlling emotions in the right way. A person must understand when to be emotionally intelligent and cut all toxic chords with people leading them to anxiety and depression by helping them become bolder, more rational, and more self-aware productive individuals.

Man will only become better when you make him see what he is like.
-Anton Chekhov

How is Saty Rake different from other healing modalities?

Let's get spiritual here a bit, and I'll be bluntly honest about my observations. I have been practicing healing for a decade now, my journey as a monk began when I was 13. However, because I was interested in science and logic, I did extensive research on energies and yogic science, which led me to understand that we all are karmically and energetically connected. This whole universe is a ball of energy and we are just small particles(atoms and molecules). When the healer invokes the energy from the universe and passes it on to the client he's partially connecting his comic good deeds with the client and indirectly taking some energies back from the universe because there's always a give and take that is happening however often the healers forget to cleanse their aura or karmic debts. Gone are all those days when the priests, saints, sages, and monks used to undergo penance to clean their chakras and karmic debts and they knew through their divine 3rd eye whom to heal, where to clear karmas and hence could become divine souls to heal other people. Nowadays, healing is becoming a fashion and is mostly considered to be a source of income. Most of the time when these healers are conducting healing sessions they do not even know whether they should actually be giving away the positive energy to someone or not or just let them deal with their karmas. There have been instances when people have come back to me stating that they have felt healing on a very temporary basis, and then their life got back to scratch(suffering). Healing works best when the issue is for a short period, the client needs just motivation, positive thoughts, and body pain is temporarily. However, the healer has to cleanse his auric field and become a pure divine soul(intentionally, emotionally stress-free) and can transmit the energies of the universe into the client's body but because most of the healers nowadays are not healed themselves they tend to transmit their energy into the energy field of the client and hence attach themselves karmically with the person. Good or bad somewhere the healer's mindset influences the client and vise versa. People are becoming lazier and they have forgotten to take charge of their lives or trust themselves rather they choose to seek the help of a healer without knowing the background and energetically connect themselves by showing dependency. Have you thought what if the healer is low in confidence or had a bad day today while giving you healing? Somewhere the mood the healer is carrying will get carried forward to your energy shield through atoms, molecules, protons, neutrons photon’s and it will start dis- balancing your chakras. A lot of people believe that God sends those people who need healing to the healers for their betterment however healing is not just about transmitting energies and using sigils to penetrate positivity, healing can also be in the form of counseling therapies exercises mantra's, affirmations, EFT and making the client self-independent not making them run to a healer every time they have a problem in their life. There are always pros and cons to every belief system. I’m not here to prove any healer wrong or right God definitely has its intentions and hence he made healers but to come to a decisive conclusion from the healer's end and the client is a very big challenge because you do not know whom to choose. A lot of times healers might have doubts in their mind if they should be healing a particular person or not? What if that particular person you are healing is supposed to serve that karmic debt of suffering, you are only delaying the process and hampering the evolution of the soul. Natural energies always come back, if the soul has a contract to suffer and learn in a certain manner, no matter how much healing helps, it will be temporarily. The best way to heal is to connect yourself with the universe rather than choosing a mediator. Hence, Saty Rake introduces you to your highest potential and helps you heal not just yourself, but find permanent solutions to your problems.

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