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Science Behind Beej Mantras and Why Should You Chant Them?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

What are beej mantras?

All religions, sects, and faiths in the world wish that all human beings achieve a peaceful mind with coherent thoughts, leading to a healthy body, mind, and soul. These are possible through the practice of meditation or other techniques. Mantra-based meditation is one such technique where you recite a sound, word, or phrase (called ‘mantra’) either loudly or silently during meditation. These sacred sounds and words can change states of mind and elevate consciousness.

Let us take a look at the science behind mantras and how they can be beneficial for you and the environment.

What is Mantra (Hymn)?

Ever wondered why mantra chanting always seems to instill a profound sense of calm within you?

Mantras are based on the science of sound (‘nad’). A Mantra is a sound vibration that helps us to focus our thoughts, feelings, and intentions mindfully. The transcendental sounds of Mantra help to free the mind from all the anxieties of worldly life. Mantras can be chanted, heard, or mumbled.

The mantra could be the Divine name, such as ‘Om’ or ‘Brahm Nad’ or any other word used in different religions and faiths. Mantra chanting is a universal technique and can be practiced by anyone, without having any conflict with their faith or religious beliefs.

What Are Beej Mantras?

Beej Mantras are the shortest form of Mantras. Just like a ‘beej’ (seed) when sown, grows into a tree, a mantra can transform into tremendous potential energy. The healing that occurs due to Beej Mantras is attributed to the balancing and alignment of the chakras. Beej Mantras help to direct one’s attention and intention when he/she is attempting to resonate with a particular chakra. There are seven chakras in our body and each chakra has a specific Beej Mantra associated with it.

Science Behind the ‘Om’ Mantra

The sacred Hindu syllable ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ is one of the most recited mantras universally. It is believed to be the original sound of the creation of the universe, containing every vibration that has ever existed.

‘Om’ is also the energetic root of other longer mantras, including “Om Namah Shivaya” and “Om Mani Padme Hum.”

Astrophysicists have detected echoes of the “Big Bang” - a humming sound, which very much resembles the ‘Om’ sound. It was also found that the vibrational frequency of the ‘Om’ sound, when chanted, is same as the vibrational frequency of everything we find in nature.

Science Behind the ‘Gayatri’ Mantra

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, the ‘Gayatri’ Matra is the most significant and the most effective mantra of all. An American Scientist has claimed that recitation of the ‘Gayatri’ Mantra produces a vibrational frequency of 110,000 Hz, which is soothing to the human mind and all plants and animals.

Why Should You Chant Mantras?

1. Physiological Benefits:

 In the regular practice of Mantra Meditation, the correct frequency of mantra sound,

along with the right intent, helps the practitioner:

  • oxygenate the brain

  • significantly reduce heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol

  • get cured by many ailments

  • create calm brainwave activity

  • increase alpha wave production

  • experience deep sleep

  • improve the regenerative power of the body and save it from wear and tear

  • achieve immunity from outside mental disturbances

Scientific research concluded that the ‘Gayatri’ Mantra helped with healing tinnitus and

Alzheimer’s and improving motor skills in Parkinsonism.

2. Neurological Effects on Your Brain:

Mantras can be highly beneficial for the brain. They enhance the cognitive function of the

brain. Scientific research indicates that certain brain parts get activated when we recite


Mantras primarily affect our mind and nervous system. They give peace of mind and

calm the nervous system.

The positive vibrations of mantras help eliminate negativity from human minds.

Chanting mantras increases concentration and helps to focus your attention on single


3. Relaxation to the Mind and Body:

 When you recite mantras, your mind releases the stress and lowers the levels of tension,

and your body will automatically start to relax.

 Scientific studies observed that chanting ‘Om’ increases mental awareness.

 Mantras help to quieten the mind and free it from background chatter and distractions.

 Mantras decrease stress from the mind and reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms in

the human body.

 Mantras can improve your attention and lift your mood.

4. Environmental Transformation:

 It is a known fact that sound can alter the molecular structure of various substances. The

entire field of Sonochemistry studies the effect of ultrasound in the formation of acoustic

cavitation in liquids, which results in the initiation or enhancement of the chemical

activity in solutions. This theory can be used to destroy pollutants in water or even to

enhance cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning).

5. Healing Animals & Pets:

 Praying and reciting mantras around your pets and other animals are beneficial for their

healing. Chanting mantra near the ear of sick, aging, or dying animals is supportive and

transformative and can help alleviate their pain.


Regardless of which mantra one chants, the word or phrase has almost the same effects: relaxation and the

ability to better cope with the stresses of life. So, chanting mantras can help you achieve a disease-free

body, a calm mind, enhancement of intelligence quotient, clear and coherent thinking, and a successful

journey towards attaining bliss, self-realization, and enlightenment.

If you are keen to explore mantra chanting to bring balance into your body, mind, and soul, then contact Poonam Dutta or call +91-8830824402 to schedule an appointment for an enlightening interaction today!

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