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Rahu, Ketu, Past life love and Claircognizance

Ketu indicates obsession; it is that aspect of life when most people make mistakes, which are intentional or thoughtless behaviors. Basically, Ketu indicates a black hole that sucks all the intelligence and logic, so any sort of error which can be calculated, criminal or without an intention is an act of being foolish or headless. On the other hand, Rahu indicates unfulfilled desires; and that you've taken birth to fulfill your past life desires. These planets' placements indicate your karmic boundaries to this current samsara. We are most likely to make mistakes or act foolishly(house specific), occupied by Ketu and the unfulfilled desires, the exact opposite house occupied by Rahu.

Mostly those people who are indebted with desires and have taken a re-birth to get answers to their past life queries tend to meet their past life lovers, twin flames, cosmic partners, soul mates in this Rahu mahadasha. The soul-level connection with God (mahasamadhi), which vibrates at the frequency of 639 GHz to 852 GHz, connects your soul to the pure positive love energy, and a harmonious relationship with God can go wavering if you are in the Rahu mahadasha. It is said that Rahu mahadasha will bring you back to a frequency of 528 GHz, which is the most significant frequency to learn self-love, and that's why most of the people who undergo or are going through Rahu mahadasha will meet their twin flames or comic partner, and this relationship can be very toxic.

Rahu and Ketu are the moon's north and south nodes. So what does this practically mean? This means that Ketu influences the root chakra or the Muladhara, the first bottom chakra at the root of the spine where lies our life force or the kundalini shakti. Kundalini breaks blockages of our seven major chakras, removing karmic debts starting from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Rahu is that factor or power of an illusion that cuts us from the glimpse of the divine by sealing off the Sahasrara or the top/crown chakra of our head as a result of which the life energy gets wholly trapped in our physical body. We are forced to identify ourselves with it, but the reality is we are divine souls(sun), but we are forced to believe that we are ordinary beings- Saturn. This eclipse of being cut off from the supreme divine because of Rahu brings us back to our consciousness to access this birth's karmas. There could be certain karmas pending from the past lives for us to accomplish in this birth, or there could be a soul contract with the divine, which you must achieve in this birth. Hence Rahu also helps you transform your soul towards your mission in a more refined and intelligent way; this is like changing Ram to Krishna and Krishna to Kalki as per the period requirement. Because the soul is transforming(sun), by going through pain and suffering(Saturn), you also meet people who are necessary to help you with this transformation. Ketu roots us to the body, which is an earthly plane. Rahu cuts us off from our sun or pure consciousness by blocking the crown and limits our understanding of life in general. This is all because of the supreme divine intervention to bring something to the table for humanity. Hence, sadhana is very important during this phase. This axis of Rahu/Ketu and the clock hand, which is moving (mahadasha), is actually to transform you from the soul(you were born with) to a soul you are meant to be (in this birth) to accomplish your current birth's karmas—also, purifying your soul in the process(getting rid of old bad karmas and desires(Venus/Shukra) through sufferings- Saturn/Shani, to become divine soul(sun/Surya), which can only be done by being strong and like a warrior(Mars/mangal) by cutting through the illusion with intelligence(Budh/Mercury), divine knowledge(Guru/Jupiter) and a pure heart(Moon/Chandra).

During the Rahu mahadasha, since this is the phase for you to cut through your illusion and learn and transform, you tend to meet people from your past birth; hence, you feel connected with them(vibrational). Many people fall in love during this phase because somewhere, there is a karmic debt pending. Many make the mistake of living in an illusion by assuming they have come in their lives to stay forever. Still, these cosmic partners have only come to take away the pending karmic debts that remained unfulfilled in the previous births to give you answers and clarity about your soul, define the action(karma), your reaction, and make you a pure divinity. Rahu introduces you to temporary energies that are meant to serve you well in the long run. Suppose a person is meant to stay in your life and has a higher purpose just like yours. In that case, he might continue to remain till guru mahadasha because of the vibrational frequency matching and Rahu being an intelligent node of the brain closely associated with the pineal gland(shiva/Krishna). People might get over-analytical over logical or immense emotional depending on which part of the brain is more dominant, leading to more suffering. Rahu shuts logic of mind(north node of the moon, which is your heart's mind) also makes you meet multiple romantic partners depending on the position. You might feel a strange connection of pull and push telepathic connection. Claircognizance may develop (like inquisitive about them, like finding answers through tarot, Vedic astrology etc. and can also make you an addict with repetitive questions) in a manner that these people start playing with your brain in weird ways. Here, the point is to cut off energetic toxic chords and learn self-importance and respect, but we attach ourselves more. Rahu also enables you to meet souls who are meant for you to be forever (like your past life spouse), and the best way to recognize is when you know you don't have to chase them anymore (you have learned your lessons and are emotionally balanced!) and everything seems so smooth. Interestingly, if you had a requisite love or an incomplete love story in the past birth and both the souls have a contract to meet again in this birth, combine and evolve together (twin flame), that can happen too at different frequencies and time frames of Rahu mahadasha(not necessary they will get married, marriage is worldly, we are talking about the spiritual world, twin flames can get married to two different soulmates), and some if lucky may get back with their twins in Guru phase(depends on how much you have cleared your karmic debts, happens typically in last birth- cycle coming to an end, again marriage is not necessary) to accomplish a mission of serving humanity (methods can be different) but vibrationally on the same plane.

Purity in love lies only when you connect with God and its the highest healing frequency, and people name lust, being desirous is to be love. Knowing the difference is awakening, but we like to live in illusion.

Disclaimer: There are no scientific proofs to such claims; they are purely based on my two decades of the spiritual journey, the guidance of my guru, and life experiences from a normal yogic to an awakened spiritual soul.

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