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Top 10 Qualities of a Truly Enlightened Person

In today’s highly-materialistic world, it is not difficult to find someone who has reached greater heights in life as measured by power, position, money, and abundant physical possessions. However, amidst our pursuit of worldly possessions and achievements, spiritual growth and enlightenment often remain neglected. So, it becomes most difficult for us to identify a spiritually-enlightened person among the masses. Sometimes, we say that a person is enlightened, but how do we really know?

A usual misconceived image of a spiritually-enlightened person is that of a saint wearing saffron robes, sitting under a tree, meditating forever! But a person is truly enlightened when he loves and cares for others and shows a commitment to helping others find peace, impacting the world positively. It is precisely such unworldly traits that make a person spiritual and enlightened in the real sense. Presented below are some of the top qualities of a truly enlightened person.

  • Humbleness:

An enlightened person is humble, mature, grounded, and does not require any validation from others. He remains spiritually open to everyone. He doesn’t judge other people according to their wealth or appearances and never look down upon the poor, illiterate, or the disadvantaged. Being mature, he understands that all material possessions are momentary.

  • Love, Care, and Compassion:

An enlightened person is kind, gentle, and compassionate towards others. He is unconditionally loving and forgiving and genuinely cares about other people.

An enlightened person cares for all humanity, including current and future generations.

  • Forward-Looking:

A spiritually-enlightened person does not engage in self-condemnation for his past or have any regrets. He goes with the flow and knows that it is only best to move on. Rather than clinging on to the past, he focuses on future growth and contribution to society.

  • Righteousness:

An enlightened person remains firmly rooted to sound values and always does the right thing. He stands up for righteousness on behalf of the oppressed.

  • Sense of Peace, Calmness, and Serenity:

An enlightened person is calm and composed, showing no sign of any worry, anxiety, anger, or agitation. He remains in full control of his emotions and never fears the unknown. He lives in the moment, treasuring every second of his life and appreciating everything with a grateful heart.

  • Egolessness:

The enlightened person has no ego or feelings of self-importance. He never gets hurt because there is no ego to hurt.

The cessation of the ego is one definite indicator of being enlightened.

An egoless person never claims to be someone special. This selflessness is what makes him truly special!

  • Ethical Purity:

The ethical conduct of a person indicates the extent of his spiritual attainment. An enlightened person demonstrates ethical purity in thoughts and actions. He lives up to all the ethical standards expected of an enlightened person.

  • Insightfulness & Open-Mindedness:

An enlightened person is insightful and open-minded, enabling him to see the world with full clarity and understanding and without any preconceived notions about people, places, or things.

  • Mindfulness of Own Health:

An enlightened person is mindful of his holistic health, covering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He strives to keep his body, mind, and spirit in harmony to maintain his spiritual state. He is mindful of the diet and nutrition he consumes.

  • Selflessness & Service to Mankind:

Enlightened people are completely selfless and do not crave to be more than the others or be the leaders. They do not strive for fame or riches.

Truly enlightened people believe in serving humanity. Their selflessness, humility, and service are the traits that set them apart. So, would you not agree that people like Mother Theresa or The Dalai Lama have been spiritually-enlightened spirits?


The above may not be a comprehensive list of the qualities seen in enlightened beings, but they are the most prominent ones. Observing these qualities will help us on our spiritual journey. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it is worth the effort.

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