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Moksha as per Pratical Advaita Vedanta

Updated: Nov 19

Most people believe that moksha means liberation of soul or salvation from all bondages of desires and worldly needs. Does it mean one has to leave wordly pleasure to attain moksha or the ultimate blissful state. Well answer is still unknown, because human comes with a body to do their karmas, some at a worldly space some at celestial. Every god like Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha had come with a mission, to set examples for mankind and bring about the right karmic change and each one had a different life . Did they attain moksha?

That which is bound should be liberated, but which is bounded body or soul? Is the soul bound? No!

Self is never possessed. The self is already in moksha. It doesn’t have any misery of its own. The one who is going through pain and misery is the one that needs to be liberated . Because of the ignorance of the self believing that “I am bound”, makes it go round and round trying to decode the karmic life cycle but when it attains knowledge he knows he is boundless is then he gets liberated

Science says when two elements come together, energy is generated, procreation starts, likewise when soul and body come together, ego forms, an entity forms a co existence forms. This new entity forms a dark layer in between the body and soul and the human mind starts giving a name to its existence . The word “ I” comes into existence and from their our mistaken belief that the temporary body or the name given to it becomes our identity. In this egoism, through false impositions we get binded to karma and experiences the fruits of karma. No karmas exist for the liberated soul and can be found in the siddha kshetra.

In the analysis of advaita , moksha is the freedom even from the search (sadhna =seeking) for moksha. When you stop searching is when you attain moksha.

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