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The what, why, how of Tarot Card Reading

If you are reading this, you may be thinking about getting a Tarot reading or simply want to know more about the enigma of tarot cards. Did you watch a movie where the antagonist of the movie goes to a dim-lit smokey room with a middle-aged woman in a turban and tells the hero his exact future? (That's not how it works), or maybe a friend told you about her great experience. Either way, you are not sure about how tarot works and what to expect from a reading and how it can benefit you. Don't worry, you've come to the right place.

So now, let's start with a little general knowledge about what is Tarot, how tarot cards work and the science behind it.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Unlike the popular theory, Tarot reading doesn't tell you your future. Rather, it's all about channeling your inner voice and listening to your intuition. However, make no mistake, this process sounds easier than done, so don't go ordering a tarot set on Amazon. Instead, look for a clairvoyant/ psychic who is more in touch with their intuition and can really help you read and understand what your intuition is telling you through the Tarot cards

Even though there are many various deck styles and versions if tarot, the standard tarot card deck comprises of seventy-eight cards. Each of the cards embody different meanings and stories with its unique imagery and symbols. The deck is divided into two sections:

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and portray the intricate web mysteries of life and lessons taught to us using karma and spirituality. It shows you the bigger picture of your life.

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards that tell you about what's going on in your life right now- including the people around you, things and people that influence you, your day to day activities and more.

Next, I want to tell you why should you get a tarot card reading done? Or what can you expect from a successful reading.

Why should you get a tarot card reading?

The best thing about Tarot is that it can shed new light on your life right now and help you look at your problems either emotional or psychological from a new angle. It can help you look to see the bigger picture of your life and make intuitive yet calculative decisions in life.

  • Not to sound like a stuck record but Tarot card reading can be very effective in finding a fresh perspective to problems and finding new solutions.

  • It can help you explore new and un-imagined avenues in life, remind you of unfinished business that's holding you back as well.

  • While starting a new stage in life (birthdays, new years, wedding, etc), a Tarot reading will guide you and prepare you for the changes and the journey you are about to embark upon.

  • Some people get a Tarot reading before starting a new project in life. It helps analyze the new project and nudge them towards the needed resources, things they need to take care of and small details they might have missed out.

  • People struggling with crippling questions about their life can get new insight with a Tarot reading in an effective way. It can help you address issues in your relationships, help you realize your attitude towards those relationships and hopefully either change or adapt to them.

  • It can help you by pointing towards the right decision while making major life or business decisions.

  • If you are feeling lost and hope to learn more about your own life, a Tarot card reading can be a great way to start your search.

The science behind Tarot Card

As I said before, Tarot cards are not about predicting the future. What it can accurately say is what the person you are reading for is going to unconsciously or subconsciously invite in their lives based on the synchronicity of the events.

Tarots don't tell you what to do or what's going to happen in the future, but it tells you the possibilities based on the decisions you take in your life. So the cards play the roll of dice to help you decide which path you should take. The Tarot cards take up whatever meanings we give them.

Carl Jung, a psychologist, conceived a concept of ‘Collective Unconscious’, ‘Synchronicity’, and ‘Coincidence’ that may form some basis for Tarot Cards. Combined with an understanding of what’s happening in the cosmic world, tarot cards can provide the key to understanding the big picture.

Psychologist, Carl Jung said Tarot combines the concept of 'Collective Unconsciousness' which we know as coincidence with your subconscious mind and 'Synchronicity'. It is simply giving meaning to a series of events and coincidence and the combination of intuition (right side of your brain). Deriving from the study of the cosmic world and Synchronicity, Tarot helps understand the bigger picture of life.

Jung also believed that quantum mechanics could be a possible explanation for the phenomenon of synchronicity. As quantum science is a mechanism where all the particles in the universe are interrelated and there is a random interconnection in the behavior of these uncertainties that are happening.

So during a Tarot reading, there is synchronicity of events that are happening, which helps in understanding what is going to happen and based on that, clairvoyants give a prediction. This prediction is a result of your intuition, synchronicity, and collective unconsciousness.

With this combination along with the study of the symbols, and the signs and a proper interpretation, you come to an explanation of how this energy might work for divination. Thus, in the end, it all depends on your subconscious mind and all Tarot cards do is explain the metaphysical phenomenon of the subconscious mind.

What is the process of reading tarot cards?

While different clairvoyants use different methods for reading tarot cards, almost all of them perform a particular ritual before any readings. They can either conduct the ritual at the start of the day or before every reading session. Some tarot readers even like to meditate before the session.

The cards are laid on a clean piece of cloth which is solely used for the reading. Some psychics prefer having crystals and candles on the cloth to enhance their intuition, others prefer not to have such distractions. The psychic then clears all the previous negative energy from the cards to start fresh.

I like to shuffle the cards before spreading them on the cloth. While shuffling, I can either ask questions directly to the cards or you can ask questions as well. The questions can be about anything and everything, ranging from personal questions about your love life to career ended questions and even about your day to day life.

Post that, either I can pick the cards for you or you can select the cards yourself and lay them out on the cloth. This is called a Spread. Comprehending the message from your subconscious and the energies of the universe, I interpret the message from the cards for you.

There you go, I hope this article helped you understand a little more about what are Tarot cards, how they work and the science behind it. If you are a skeptic, I hope this explanation helped you understand that Tarot is not mumbo jumbo, pop culture will have you believe.

Nonetheless, my aim is still to heal the subconscious of the modern broken and confused man, I simply use Tarot as a medium to help people understand their lives better, help them see where they are stuck and ultimately be able to move ahead in life.

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