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Ma Tara and Her 21 Famous Manifestations

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Kurukulla and Ma Tara During the introduction of Kurukulla in the Buddhist practices, she was associated with the red manifestation of Goddess Tara. And in this manifestation, Kurukulla is known as Red Tara Kurukulla, She is a wrathful manifestation of Ma Tara, and because of this association with Tara, she is regarded as a mother. Ma Tara and Her 21 Forms: Ma Tara is one of the most popular devotional and spiritual deities honoured all around the world as the Great Mother Buddha. Given Tara’s all-embracing maternal compassion, she finds time for everyone without discrimination. She is regarded as a good friend, precious guide, ready helper, and a saving hero. She responds well even when you call just her name. The Famous 21 Tara Manifestations: Ma Tara manifests in myriad forms, suited to the need of the practitioner. So, there is, literally, a Tara and a Tara practice for everyone. She can be practiced, simply as a daily verse, with 21 separate sadhanas and mantras. She is visualized in different colours and with slightly different facial expressions, gestures, specialties, thrones, backdrops, attributes. The 21 Taras are some of the most famous forms of the great Female Buddha, as listed below: Red Tara NYURMA PAMO: Tara Nyurma Pamo is semi-wrathful and removes obstacles. With her compassionate power, she liberates beings from the suffering of samsara and protects them from fear.

White Tara LOTER YANG CHENMA: Tara Loter Yang Chenma is peaceful and a treasure of art, music, wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. Her face glows with the white light. Golden-Yellow Tara SERMO SÖNAM TOBKYÉ: Tara Sermo Sönam Tobkyé is peaceful and her body radiates light with the colour of the rising sun. She grants wealth and longevity and whatever one desires. She liberates beings through discipline, patience, generosity, and diligence. Yellow Tara TSUGTOR NAMGYALMA: Tara Tsugtor Namgyalma is peaceful and emanates from the Buddha’s crown chakra as Prajnaparamita. She is victorious over all non-virtue emotions and accomplishes immortality. Red Tara RIGJÉ LHAMO: Tara Rigjé Lhamo is the goddess of Vedic knowledge. She is semi-wrathful and destroys arrogance and pride. She easily accomplishes the four enlightened actions of enriching, pacifying, attracting, and overpowering. Dark-Red Tara JIGJÉ CHENMO: Tara Jigjé Chenmo is wrathful and destroys negativity. She is worshipped and praised by all. Her power defeats all negative forces and demons and obstructs spirits who cause delusion, insanity, and memory loss. Black Tara ZHENGYI MITUBMA: Tara Zhengyi Mitubma is wrathful and eliminates wars, invading troops, and weapons of mass destruction. She destroys the evil deeds, spells of enemies, hail, storm, lightning, and all kinds of natural disasters. Dark-Red Tara ZHEN MIGYALWA’I PAMO: Tara Zhen Migyalwa’i Pamo is wrathful and destroys criticism and harm. Sparks from her vajra, blazing with fire, completely burn and destroy demons, argument-makers, lawsuits, disturbing emotions, and other troubles. Blue-Green Tara SENGDENG NAG: Tara Sengdeng Nag is peaceful and protects beings from 8 great fears, each having an associated outer and inner aspect, such as:

water/attachment thieves/false views lions/pride snakes/jealousy fire/anger spirits/doubt imprisonment/greed elephants/ignorance Red Tara JIGTEN SUMLÉ GYALMA: Tara Jigten Sumlé Gyalma is peaceful and overpowers the Universe, including all the gods of the desire realm. She brings supreme joy to all beings, empowers them, and sets them on the path of liberation. Golden-Red Tara NORTERMA: Tara Norterma is semi-wrathful and grants all wishes, wealth, and glory of gods, nagas, and humans. She showers blessings to liberate all living beings from the suffering of poverty. Golden Tara TASHI DÖNJÉ MA: Tara Tashi Dönjé Ma is peaceful and accomplishes auspiciousness, bringing perfect balance, prosperity, and harmony to the entire world. Red Tara YULLAY GYALJÉ: Tara Yullay Gyaljé is semi-wrathful and has three eyes. She is victorious over war and other obstacles and brings infinite joy to all beings. She destroys the hosts of enemies and harm-doers. Black Tara TRONYER CHENMA: Tara Tronyer Chenma is a wrathful, frowning lady that destroys the evil of harm-doers, spirits, demons, and other negative forces.

White Tara RABZHIMA: Tara Rabzhima is peaceful, calm, and smiling. She removes all evil deeds and obscurations that lead to rebirth in the lower realms. Red Tara RIG NGAG TOBZHOM: Tara Rig Ngag Tobzhom is a peaceful goddess. However, using her wisdom, compassion, and power, she destroys the power of curses and evil spells cast by sorcerers, enemies, and negative forces. She bestows the power of true speech to those who pray to her. Golden-Red Tara PAGMÉ NÖNMA: Tara Pagmé Nönma is peaceful, however with her magical power, she defeats all enemies, bandits, robbers, thieves, and hunters, establishing bliss for all living beings. White Tara MAJA CHENMO: Tara Maja Chenmo is peaceful and protects everyone from all kinds of poison. She completely removes all poison from the environment and living beings. White Tara DUGKARMO: Tara Dugkarmo is peaceful and eliminates conflicts and bad dreams. People who meditate upon her and recite her mantra are empowered with joy, bliss, and splendor. She completely uproots hostility toward the dharma, worldly disputes, curses, and negative signs in dreams. Saffron (Yellow-Red) Tara RITRÖ LOMA GYÖNMA: Tara Ritrö Loma Gyönma is a peaceful and noble lady who removes all contagious diseases, deadly epidemics, and disease-bearing beings. She heals all forms of the disease, including its root causes and consequences. White Tara LHAMO ÖZER CHENMA: Tara Lhamo Özer Chenma is peaceful and replenishes the vitality, longevity, and life force of the sick. She completely pacifies all obstacles, including outer forces, inner imbalance, and negative emotions. If you are experiencing any challenges in life and looking for effective healing with the blessings of Ma Tara, seek professional help from an experienced counselor like Poonam Dutta. Poonam can connect and communicate with the spirit world and direct the movement of energy to restore balance and harmony in your life. Contact Poonam Dutta or call her at +91-8830824402 to schedule a meeting today!

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