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Karma and astrology

Updated: Nov 19

Karma and astrology
Universal Karma

Karma is a much bandied about word these days. Conversations are full of expressions like:

"Karma strikes back."

"Karma is a bitch."

These expressions reveal a complete lack of understanding of what Karma is all about. Also, the perception that the moment you mention the word Karma, you are talking about something negative.

What has brought this about? One argument that seems plausible is that the western world whose narrative dominates much of the discourse today is more attuned to linear thinking. Thus, bad luck or mishappening has gotten equated to karma and if an equivalence was ever misplaced and blatantly false it is this.

Let's try and understand karma with a simple example.

Consider a balance sheet. It has two sides, assets & liabilities. Liabilities are what you need to pay and assets are what you have to realize. Liabilities are "Bad Karma" and assets are your "Good Karma."

Each one of us has both good and bad karma. The trouble is that most of us don't talk about good karma when something good happens to us. But karma is the first thing to be blamed when some misfortune befalls us.

We carry karma from past lifetimes; and in this lifetime, we create karma all the time. So, how do we create karma?

Karma is created by thought, word & deed. In Hindu thought, it is described as "Mansa, Vacha, Karmana."

Let us try & understand this by way of an example.

Let us say you are angry with someone and in your anger, you want to cause harm to that person. Thus, you begin with creating negative karma with your thoughts. Next, you vocalize that thought with expressions like - I will beat him to a pulp, or I will kill him! Your words have created karma. And if you follow it up with actions corresponding to your words, you create further bad karma.

Essentially, karma is a matter of cause and effect. If you have created good causes in the past lifetimes, you carry good karma into the present lifetime. The reverse is true with bad causes bringing bad effects, that is, bad karma. And as you keep creating good karma, you keep paying off your liabilities, that is, reducing your bad karma.

Thus, karma isn't a bitch nor does it always strike back as the currently popular usage would have us believe. Think of it as the universe having an invisible tape recorder that records each thought, word, and deed of yours. And then, it plays things back at a time it deems appropriate. So, it's like a player you have no control on; it plays a sad song when it feels like it and a happy song when it wants to.

Can Karma be changed? Yes, it can be.

It's a balance sheet you have created and it is up to you to make good or bad entries here. This way, you could either top up your stock of good karma or exhaust its supply.

For example, a person currently in a good position in society and richer than many others constantly indulge in evil acts. Thus, while he has good karma from past lifetimes, he is creating bad karma currently. Hence, he may feel the effects of the causes he is creating in the current or future lifetimes. The tendency to equate karma with misfortune and surrender to it with expressions like "this is my destiny and I have to face it" is highly fatalistic in nature and must be dispensed with, urgently.

On the other hand, a person born poor and facing bad circumstances today is facing ill effects of karma he/she created earlier; yet, as he thinks, speaks, and works positively, for the good of self and others, he creates good karma and his situations are bound to change, sooner than later. And since that invisible tape recorder has a mind of its own, there is no telling as to when the causes he/she has created or is creating would manifest as an effect.

So, time to throw away all the wrong notions you have in your mind about karma and condemn the expressions mentioned in the beginning to an immediate extinction. Time to take control of your karma and your life.

Astrology is based on karma too, and a good astrologer knows how to make judicious use of knowledge of karma when analyzing birth charts. A good astrologer also knows how to use such birth chart readings which are essentially karma readings in a way in conjunction with knowledge of numerology, tarot, etc. And if the astrologer is a practitioner of Spiritual Healing techniques as well, he/she can recommend as well as administer ways and means to transform karma towards a better and improved life.

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