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Kalki Avatar-many confusions, no conclusion

Last few years have seen a lot of conversation around the coming of Kalki Avatar and people have often been heard quoting Shrimad Bhagvatam which says:

As Kaliyug ends, Kalki avatar will appear with the mission to annihilate adharm and reestablish the age of Dharm.

The prediction is that he shall be born in the house of Vishnu Yasha, an eminent Brahmin of Shambhala Village.

Other scriptures also make a mention; for example, Vishnu Puran (book 4, Chapter 4), Padma Puran, as well as Kalki Puran speak of this last avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. The interesting bit is that Kaliyug, it is believed, will last for another 43200 years.

The essence of each of these scriptural references is that when evil begins to reign supreme, people begin to feel overly oppressed, despair looms large on people as well as the environment, Kalki will emerge to rid the world of its multiple and ever-multiplying miseries. However, the Vedic references also point to the story of Bhrigu Rishi wherein when unarmed asuras were attacked by devtas, they took shelter in the ashram of Bhrigu Rishi, allowed by the sage’s wife, Kavyamata. To protect them, she used her yogic powers & immobilized Indra. Devtas pleaded with Bhagwan Vishnu for help who used his Sudarshan Chakra to behead Kavyamata.

On his return, Sage Bhrigu was furious and he cursed Bhagwan Vishnu that he shall have to repeatedly appear on earth and suffer the agony of deaths of his relatives & friends. This curse, it is believed, is the reason for repeated incarnations of Vishnu.

Interestingly, people also believe that Nostradamus too made a similar prediction, and spoke of the emergence of one man with immense powers who will liberate the world from the multiple troubles facing it.

Bhagwan Kalki’s mission, most believe, shall be similar to one Nostradamus speaks of, that is, destroy all evil, ensure that peace prevails.


People have even gone ahead and predicted that Kalki Bhagwan will descend on earth during the month of Baisakh, 12 days after full moon day, which could be between April 26 to May 15.

What’s most interesting about Kalki Avatar is that there are multiple versions on when & how of his descent on earth. Plus the fact that Kalki Avatar has been the topic of discussion for thousands of years.

One view is that it's the current time with multiple wars, disputes, pandemic, anarchic situations as well as religious clashes of the most violent kind.

Will he appear now? Five years from now? Or 50 years? 500 years? Nobody can tell, even as people await his appearance.

The interesting bit is that a lot of people are already claiming: Kalki Avatar has appeared.

In fact, there are many self-styled Kalki Avatars too; naming them here would be tantamount to giving them unnecessary promotion and pushing people to seek them out. It shall mean fanning an unhealthy trend in the society and we shall refrain from doing so here.

But what explains this phenomenon? Of people waiting for someone to appear and rid them of their problems? Of people claiming to be Kalki Avatar, or saying that the Avatar has already appeared?

Is it that most people find themselves too weak, too insignificant to tackle their own problems? That they are forever looking for a magic wand, or a magician to come up with a miraculous cure? And that many are just waiting to exploit this weakness in the human psyche for their own name, fame and riches?

The point to ponder, thus, for each one of us is this:

Should we keep waiting for Bhagwan Kalki or someone similar to rid us of our misery?

Till then, should we just stay passive, surrender to the circumstances?

Sanatan Dharm lays great stress on “Purursharth,” that is, striving against the odds stacked up against us.

The choice, thus is yours: Would you work to awaken your “Paurush” or wait for the "God" to descend?

Think. Contemplate. Seek advice from sages and learned people because following the herd would make you a sheep when you are actually a Lion.

By- Raj and Satyamshakti

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