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How to Call Upon Angels for Help?

A guardian angel is there to guide you throughout your life. But you can always request guidance from more angels and they will all come to help you navigate through life safely and happily. Except in emergencies, angels cannot assist you unless you ask for their help to deal with your specific situation. So, you need to call on them for guidance. Listed below are some of the ways to call upon angels for help.

  • Ask from the Heart: To call upon angels to assist you, there is no set protocol to use candles, incense sticks, or oils or to make complicated prayers. All you need to do is to ask for help with an honest heart. There is no need to call out loud what you want. It is enough to ask for help within your mind. If you still find it cumbersome to do so due to anxiety, grief, or fear, take a deep breath and tell it to your guardian angel to show you the true desire of your heart.

  • Be Specific About Your Need: When calling upon angels, be specific about what you want. This clarity helps angels to focus their divine forces on what you need exactly and have it answered.

  • Remove the Layer of Darkness Around You: Angels are essentially the divine light, and you have to provide them with the gateway to enter your space. But where there is darkness, light cannot penetrate through it. Similarly, in the case of people who have surrounded themselves with a layer of darkness or negative energies, the light cannot get through them. Negative feelings of anger, fear, or despair prevent you from connecting with the celestial realm. That is why several people enveloped in darkness are having hard times and seeking help, but nothing is happening for them.

  • Meditation & Prayer: Calling upon angels to help you requires invocation and invitation. When you meditate or pray, you invite and invoke angels, making it possible for you to enter the angelic world. That is why Meditation and Prayer are some of the key gateways to calling for help, guidance, or divine intervention and opening your life to spiritual realities.

  • Eliminate the Feeling of Unworthiness: Sometimes, you may feel unworthy, and therefore, avoid calling upon the angels for their help. But we are all worthy of their assistance! Angels don’t look at who you are or what you have done or achieved. The angels are there to help, guide, and protect everyone at all times without judging anyone.

  • Show your Readiness: Before asking, you should know exactly what you want to receive and be ready for changes. Keep your words positive and show your readiness to embrace or receive help. You should also be genuinely ready to turn yourself or your life around in whatever way possible for your highest good. This readiness draws the light in angels towards us and encompasses us with their enormous love, compassion, and divine grace.

  • Surrender Yourself: Surrender is a powerful state because it shows that you have faith in your higher self and your angels to work together for the best possible outcome. Once you have completely surrendered, angels can provide all the help you need and connect you to your higher self for happiness and peace.

  • Request for Resources or Helping Hands: Sometimes, you need help from other people to achieve your dreams. Ask your guardian angel to put you on the mind of someone who can help you in any way. So, request your angel to bless your life with the people and resources you need to fulfil your dreams.

  • Request for Ideas & Inspiration: Creative people like artists, writers, musicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc., can reach a point wherein they lack new ideas or inspiration. Guardian angels can reignite their imagination to get clarity and to help them create and invent new things.


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