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How is a Twin Flame Different From a Soul Mate?

There is a lot of confusion between the terms soul mate and twin flame & and often used synonymously. Though on the surface they may seem similar, there are distinct and definitive differences between soul mates and twin flames. Below are some of the main points of differences between the two.

1. Nature of Relationship:

While the relationship with a soul mate is strictly romantic, this is not necessarily the case with a twin flame. Though romance is preferable, it doesn’t have to be the only means and the end to find your twin flame. While a soul mate is someone who would fight unto death for you, a twin flame is more about a deep connection you share with the person who has commonalities from your past.

2. Purpose of Connection:

The purpose of twin flames is to help learn and grow together. They have a multi-faceted

connection together, meaning you are best friends, teachers, and lovers to each other. In spiritual teachings, twin flames are the two halves of one soul that get united to teach each

other profound lessons. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is spiritual evolution.

A twin flame is a person with whom you share an unspeakable bond, and that fundamentally

changes you and vice versa.

3. Continuity of Relationship:

 While the relationship with a soul mate lasts a lifetime, a twin flame relationship may go on and off. Twin flames may fall in love, fall out of love, and fall in love again. So, the twin flames don’t need to love each other forever. Once the lessons are learned and the goal of spiritual evolution is completed, your twin flame may or may not stay in the relationship. The connection can sometimes disintegrate.

Though twin flames can fall out of love, it does not mean that the deep soul connection or the

possibility for rekindling love will disappear. Your twin flame can always re-emerge later in life.

No matter how many times twin flames fight, they always forgive each other completely. While twin flame relationships face hardships and do not always last forever, they represent a

significant opportunity to achieve happiness and growth.

4. Intensity of Relationship:

While soul mates complete each other, twin flames push each other to grow. And with any

growth, there’s a certain degree of tension that is attached. So, the twin flame relationships might be super tense and emotional.

Twin flame relationships are there to help each person heal from conflicts by making them

understand complex or hidden parts of each other. Though this process can be uncomfortable and confronting, it can also be highly liberating and validating for the twin souls.

5. Feeling of Familiarity:

When you encounter your twin flame, you feel like you’ve known this person your whole life,

and you instantly feel very comfortable with them. You feel safe and natural to be your real self around this person. The feeling of meeting your twin flame can be intense and familiar but quite unexplainable at the same time.

As you get to know each other, you might come across commonalities in your upbringing. You may have even attended a lot of the same events at the same time without having ever met each other. Twin flames may intuitively know what the other person is doing, feeling, or thinking. They often have the same thoughts or emotions at the same time, even when they are in different places. When they are together in person, they may even end up saying the same thing at the exact moment! Twin flames can even have the same dreams at night and frequently appear in each other & dreams, with the core message and feeling being similar.

6. Similarity of Interests and Values:

You often share similar interests, values, hobbies, preferences, thoughts, strengths, and

weaknesses. Twin flames are likely to gravitate towards the same food as well.

While sharing some vulnerabilities and weaknesses, you may see some of your old faults in your twin flame or have some of your present difficulties highlighted in the behavior of the person.

7. Mirrors for Each Other:

With all the similarity they share, twin flames eventually reflect each other in a way that heals

deep-rooted wounds from childhood or even past lives. This mirror-like quality in a twin flame also reflects everything that you have been running away from or denying all your life, allowing you to confront them and give them closure.

8. Rare and Life-Changing Reunion:

Not everyone can find and get united with their twin flame throughout their life, but if you do,

then the reunion is completely life-changing for you.

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