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How Angels Communicate and the Signals You Get from The Universe

Angels are always near, trying to connect and communicate with you all the time! They give you all kinds of nudges, expressions of encouragement, and comfort in times when you need it. But angels do not really talk! They communicate telepathically, sending a flow of information that comes through your head and gets interpreted in your own words and sentences.

Since angel communication is subtle and outside your physical senses, you can easily miss their quiet voices and signs to let you know of their presence and willingness to help and guide you. So, angels often use a combination of your psychic senses - show you a picture or a video on your inner screen, talk to you internally, give a feeling, or reveal a piece of information inside you. What signs angels use depend on what psychic senses are the strongest and dominant in you. Also, each signal that comes to you carries a message that is only for you and your specific situation. You see those signs at the place and time that you are supposed to see them.

Let us now explore 14 different ways angels communicate with you and the signals you get from the universe.

  • Dreams: During night time when your physical body is asleep and cut-off from the material reality, your spirit breaks free and travels up to consult with the Higher Beings of Light, such as angels, guides, and the Ascended Masters. Angels can then provide you with the much-needed information and guidance in your dreams. Sometimes, you can recall your dreams, and sometimes, you wake up in a happy mood without having any memories of the dream.

  • Synchronicities: Synchronicities are one of the most powerful ways that the universe communicates with you. Synchronicity is a random occurrence of events that may seem coincidental and related yet not connected to any single thing. For example, while driving to work, you may notice someone holding a yellow balloon, then at work, you notice a co-worker getting yellow balloons for her birthday. Then while driving back home, you see another yellow balloon on the ‘property for sale’ sign. This series of events is no coincidence. It is to tell you that there is something profound and much bigger happening behind the scenes than you can ever imagine. Synchronicities are a direct connection to your angel and a sign that you are on the right path.

  • Feeling of Touch: Angels want to let you know that they are with you and they care about you. You can get a feeling of touch, as if someone has put a hand or patted on your shoulder to say, “All is well!” Light, energy, and electricity form the essence of angel communication. Angels can easily interfere with the electrical devices to signal they are near you.

  • Signals from Nature:

  1. Feathers & Coins: The most common way angels communicate with you is by leaving a feather on your path. White feathers symbolize the protection of angels and their love and support in your life. If the feather is greyish and not white, it means angels know that you are experiencing challenges in your current life but are there to support and back you. After feathers, coins are the second most common sign that angels use to show you that you are precious and valuable, and they will always support you.

  2. Rainbows & Unusual Cloud Formations: Seeing a rainbow, a double rainbow, or a brightly-coloured rainbow, especially when there was no rain, is the sign from angels signifying that all is well and the situation will turn out even better than you thought. Seeing unusual cloud formations in the sky in the shape of a heart, a flower, or wings is another sign from angels that you are being watched over and protected.

  3. Butterflies & Dragonflies: A butterfly or a dragonfly suddenly crossing your path is a sign to you by the angels.

  4. Scents: Sometimes, you get the smell of a rose, the perfume, or another wonderful aroma without the obvious source. That’s another way to sense the presence of an angel.

  5. Hawks: Seeing a hawk represents increased spiritual awareness within you and a time to fly high.

  6. Colours: Seeing the color red represents security, stability, and good fortune for you.

  • Buzzing Noise/Ringing Ears: The persistent buzzing noise in ears without any medical reason means that angels are trying to communicate a piece of information into your mind. Usually, you will not notice it during day time since there is always some noisy background around you. But at night time when surroundings are quieter, you can well hear the subtle buzzing noise.

  • Objects: Angels can communicate with you through objects. For example, when you’ve been looking for something, and the object falls off the shelf or out of a cabinet, or just appears in front of you, you know the universe is communicating with you. Even when you come across an object that triggers something from the past, supports a new idea you have in your mind, or acts as an answer to a question, you know your angel is trying to tell you something.

  • Issues, Delays, or Blockages:

  1. Technological Issues/Malfunction: Sometimes, your computer shuts off, your internet service goes out, your text message fails to get sent, your movie doesn’t load, or your TV stops working. These are all signs from the universe to tell you that it is not the right time to be working and that you should take a break and enjoy the present moment. When a text message doesn’t get sent, maybe it is a sign that you need to rethink/reword what you wrote, or you shouldn’t be sending the message at all.

  2. Health Issues: Diseases, ailments, physical pain, and symptoms are different ways through which the universe communicates that there is something wrong with your habits and lifestyle. Your unhealthy lifestyle and habits may be causing health issues for you. The occurrence of a health issue is a sign that you need to change your lifestyle and become more active. However, illnesses can also have spiritual and emotional causes that manifest as physical ailments. For example, you can develop a rash if you are “itching” to get out of an unwanted situation or a relationship. Many times, when you heal the emotional triggers, the physical symptoms go away naturally.

  3. Road Blockages, Delays, Detours: When suddenly your flight gets delayed, you get sick, your appointment gets cancelled, your angel may be trying to do damage control and nudge you in a different direction. It is a sign that the universe is trying to protect you from paths and places that are not safe or meant for you. These situations are usually beyond your control. So it is best not to resist them but accept them and take them as signs from the universe.

  • Chills/Goose Pimples: If you experience an unexplainable bodily shudder, a sudden chill, or goose pimples appearing from nowhere, then this can be a sign that angels are trying to communicate with you. Chills usually prompt you to give more attention to what you are witnessing or thinking.

  • Intuition, Sudden Revelation, Random Thought: Sometimes, you get intuition or a sudden random thought, a piece of information, a genius idea, a revelation, or an extraordinary solution, making you wonder where it even came from! You suddenly see everything clearly and with complete understanding. That’s how your angel tries to reach you with an important message.

  • Etheric Embrace: Sometimes, when you feel really low, you suddenly feel someone embracing you gently and filling you with love and compassion. That’s your angel signaling that you are not alone.

  • Unexpected Favours and Significant Success: You may receive sudden favours or significant success more than usual, signifying angelic attention. Sometimes, you may get promoted at work suddenly or get invited to take up an opportunity that you have been waiting to discover for years. When the stars seem to align in your favour, this is a strong signal that angels are watching over you and helping you to pursue your dreams.

  • Communication Through Other People: Angels work behind the scenes and send other people to deliver important information, provide support, and share a kind word, a hug, and the warmth of their heart.

  • Angel Symbols & Shapes: You may find several symbols or pictures that convey useful messages to you. Repeating or particularly striking shapes seen anywhere can suggest angels trying to tell you to make a change or focus your attention on something. The most common angel symbols come in abstract forms, such as soap bubbles, tea leaves, and clouds. For example, you may continually witness heart-shaped stones or see horseshoes in the snow. These shapes relate to something you have been struggling with or thinking about.

  • Repeating Numbers or a Pattern of Numbers: Sometimes, you look at the clock, and it shows repetitive numbers like 11:11, 21:21, 23:23, etc. Or you may see a certain pattern or sequence of numbers, such as in an address, phone number, or on license plates. That is when you know that angels are sending across some important message for you. The Tarot cards and their numbers have intense meanings and serve as personal guidance to the repeating numbers.

If you want to learn more about angel communication and the signs in which the universe communicates with you, seek guidance from an experienced and gifted angel communicator and medium like Poonam Dutta. Poonam can guide you to interpret what each of the signs means and how to use each of them to live a happy and successful life. Contact Poonam Dutta or call her at +91-8830824402 to schedule an appointment today!

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