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Evolution of a woman from “vulnerable” to Shakti

In the “Descent of Man” with its significant subtitle “selection and relation to sex” Darwin had argued that gender equality was impossible because he claimed females with lesser brainpower presented an inescapable consequence of nature and he bluntly said that men are more intelligent due to the need to be effective hunter-gatherers. He mentioned that the chief destination in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is by attaining a higher eminence of man that he takes up than a woman who needs deeper thought, reason, imagination, and the use of senses or the hands. Scientific arguments were also used to justify that women should stay home and bear children and take care of the household. Over the years the scientific achievements of women went underrecognized they were limited to secondary roles in science production and authorship Recognition of women’s achievement through membership and academics was also restricted. Marie Curie one of the best-known female scientists who earned 2 noble prizes was also turned down from the membership of the prestigious academic royal des sciences in 1911.

But looking more specifically at the feed of evolutionary biology, one of the systematic bases was more stringent criteria, light outright with sexual harassment. In India lot of historical places have pics of women to be alluring and pleasure to the eyes and form a spiritual perspective. Women were considered to be an important part to allure and raise the sexual vibration in a man to be able to attain enlightenment that’s why most of the historical places in India had women with nude statues. A lot of our mythological wedding stories also has women being considered a slave to a man.Veteran man criteria to marry a woman was barely based on her body and if she was capable to give him a son. The stories from the mythology was all a mix of deception, incest, sexual needs where women were treated as sexual objects. A man’s sexual enlightenment or sexual conversion into enlightenment was greatly misunderstood by even the sages and saints over many decades. Let me tell you nothing that is mentioned in our scriptures, Vedas and Shastra’s are absolute. Starting from Devi Bhagwatam to some religious practices, women have been considered as the “kali”, a carrier or a dark pit to hold a man’s wrong karma and purify him to his enlightenment. Scientifically and religiously women are the Shakti to emulate the process of spiritual awareness in a man, because she has a natural system of detoxing unlike a man(her sushumna nadi). If you look at the reality ma Shakti is considered to be that part of a man's life that helps a man to be talks and declare to the coming debts.

Greatest examples that no one talks about are, that of Renuka Devi for thinking about sex, Ahalya marrying an older man and being in an extra maratial or Surpanakha because she did not meet the patriarchal mould, king Drupad wanting a male warrior child or saints like Augistine, Saint Catherine of Siena that struggled with lust, and many such examples. History has always been biased and is questionable.

Without going into the mythological aspect, of the 51 body parts of ma Sati which fell in Asia, the reason was very clear that Shakti or the energy center is actually the main source of procreating a man’s existence, and if you look at the map of India the South portion of India depicts the Shakti yantra and female being a water element most of the goddesses are immensely worshipped in those areas which are closer to the water and as you go higher the altitude towards the mountain- shiva or the higher consciousness is worshipped. India, is the heart chakra of the world(devbhoomi where both Shiv and Shakti are worshipped) Shakti is nothing but energy and India being Devbhumi, the existence of Shakti peethas remains around devbhoomi, as a Shri Chakra carved down on stone, indicating the spiritual enlightenment of a man. So with every age, a woman has elevated from shakti to kali, taking many forms(51 shakti peeths or swaroops) , unless she becomes a union of all the 51 shakti’s and becomes one feminine energy again. So the shaktipeeths depict the evolution of a woman, and today women have become the procreators of stability with their talent, dedication and enthusiasm also forming the bedrock of economic growth and prosperity(Ma Laxmi). While we are still awaiting for “male” god(Kalki) to save us all, women will continue to take avatar of Ma Durga, every time a male fails to protect her sanity and challenges her power.

About Writer: Satyamshakti, is a spiritual healer, an astrologer by passion and a psychologist by profession. She is also an energy transformation scientist and is doing her research around the evolution of human brain, different frequencies and our ancient belief system- Vedas and Shastra. She has also been studying different scriptures around Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam (and other religions). She is also a Himalayan tantra yogi and is doing her Phd in Yog shastra.

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