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Different Types of Angels and Their Higher Purposes

Each one of us has a Divine Support Team that consists of God, the Archangels, Angels, past spiritual masters, and spiritual guides. These divine beings hear our prayers. Angels are messengers, and Archangels are chief messengers, who are angels of the higher rank. Both the and protect the whole of humankind.

We may communicate directly with God through prayers, but He guides us through a variety of angels. Angels are aware of our personal life goals and are assigned to assist us. But they never interfere with our free will. Below is a list of different types of angels and their distinct duties and responsibilities.

Different Types of Angels and their Purposes

1. Personal Guardian Angels:

  • We all have a personal angel or a guardian angel with us every day.

  • Guardian angels are the ground soldiers of the angel hierarchy. They send messages or carry out tasks assigned by other angels.

  • Guardian angels are the true intermediaries between God and human beings. Their purpose is to nurture, counsel, and heal individuals who believe in God and keep them safe from evil spirits.

2. Archangels:

  • When praying, most of us first appeal to God. But when calling upon specific archangels, we ask these appointed specialists and volunteers of God to act as advocates on our behalf and assist us directly in delivering and answering our prayers. But they are not called upon to help you personally. They help deal with matters involving all humankind. They are guardians of people and all material things. They also help in delivering messages from God to us.

  • Archangels are the first order of angels who appear only in human form as pioneers for change, such as explorers, philosophers, scientists, and human rights leaders.

  • Many Archangels have the responsibility of helping humankind in their specific areas of expertise and concentration. They can be called upon at any time for assistance when request via a prayer. Some of the well-known Archangels are:

  • Michael – He is the Great Defender of all that is good and Protector of those who work within the light of God

  • Gabriel – He is the Great Messenger, who shares inspirational messages with humans to stimulate progress and help with new ideas and creative pursuits

  • Raphael – He is the Divine Healer, who is responsible for the healing of the physical bodies of all living creatures

  • Ariel – She is the Great Mother of Earth, who oversees the planet and all of its creatures. This angel helps with the prevention and recovery of natural disasters using his restorative powers.

  • Uriel – He is the Divine Pillar of Solitary Strength, who assists with feelings of loneliness.

  • Azrael – He is the Transformer of Mental and Emotional Systems, who helps us heal from grief, depression, and illnesses that affect our mental and emotional state.

  • Chamuel – He is the Divine Supporter of Unconditional Love and Self-Love, who helps us with all relationships in our lives and caring for ourselves.

  • Haniel – He is the Divine Healer of Family Bonds and Relationships.

  • Jeremial – He is the Divine Provider of Mercy, Grace, and Justice.

  • Jophiel – He is the Great Giver of Joy and Positive Transformations

  • Sandalphon – He is the Divine Nurturer of our Souls, who is responsible for auditory communications between Heaven and Earth, including prayers and spirit communications.

  • Barachiel – He is the Divine Facilitator of Miracles on Earth, who helps with maintaining a positive outlook and boosting your confidence and morale.

  • Zadkiel – He is the Divine Guide of Life Paths, who assists with issues surrounding forgiveness of the self and others, and all forms of abuse.

  • Raziel – He is the Divine Keeper of Mysteries of the Universe, who governs the subconscious, dreams, and the gifts of mediumship or spirit communication.

  • Metatron – He is the Powerful Initiator of Swift Change, who focuses on miraculous events, transformations, and spirit-to-spirit communications.

  • Raguel – He is the Divine Peacekeeper of Synchrony, who is responsible for maintaining order, balance, and harmony in people’s lives.

3. Principalities/Rulers:

  • These angelic beings act just like a principal, who oversees everything in a school.

  • Principalities protect and guide our entire world, including countries, cities, towns, and groups of people. They rule over other angels and send them on missions to accomplish their protection role.

  • They are in charge of religion, politics, and the management of earthly duties of angels below them.

4. Powers/Authorities:

  • Powers or Authorities are warrior angels who can fight demons who wish to overthrow the world, just like actual soldiers in uniforms who use weapons to fight evil. They act as border patrol agents between heaven and Earth.

  • Powers or Authorities are the most loyal of all angels and manage everything in the universe.

  • Powers are also considered a group of experts who serve as advisers in religion, theology, and ideology.

5. Virtues:

  • Virtues are angels in charge of maintaining the natural world. If you need help, then virtues are the ones who can intervene in the world, leave signs for the faithful to follow, and even perform miracles for the deserving.

  • Virtues inspire living beings in areas of science. They take the form of artists, musicians, healers, and scientists.

6. Dominions/Lordships:

  • Dominions are like middle management. They receive orders from Seraphim and Cherubim and, in turn, assign duties to the angels of lower ranks.

  • Their purpose is to make sure that the universe remains in order by sending power to the heads of governments and other authority figures.

7. Thrones:

  • Thrones are angels that carry God’s throne or serve as God's chariot. They are depicted as great glowing wheels covered with many eyes on God’s throne or chariot.

  • Thrones are regarded as heavenly governors who attempt to strike a balance between good and bad, and physical and spiritual.

8. Cherubim/Cherubs:

  • Cherubim are angels who are the divine keepers of celestial records and carry the knowledge of God. They are associated with holiness and the purpose of guarding against sin.

  • Cherubs were created and placed at the entrance to guard the Garden of Eden. They are sent to the Earth to expel humans from the Garden of Eden.

9. Seraphim:

  • Seraphim are angels of the highest rank who are closest to God. They are six-winged angels who sing God’s praises non-stop.

  • Seraphim encircle God’s throne and emit an intense light representing his love.

  • Seraphim are considered fiery serpents. But when they come to Earth, they leave their serpent appearance behind, embracing human embodiments.


As complexities surround us, we can rest assured that God is omnipotent and has placed different angels throughout the world to protect us against any physical or spiritual harm.

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