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Are Today's Spiritual Leaders Really Enlightened?

In the spiritual world, the state of “being enlightened” has different names, viz. Nirvana, Samadhi, Awakening, Unity Consciousness, and Enlightenment. Enlightenment is also a state of exceptional lucidity. An enlightened person is very insightful and open-minded. He can view the world with great clarity, without any attachment to preconceived notions about people, places, and things. You will find many known spiritual leaders and gurus across the world today who claim to be enlightened beings. But do these claimants to enlightenment truly live in a state of bliss and clarity that is persistent? Are they kinder, wiser, or more knowledgeable than the unenlightened people? How do we know if they are really enlightened? Let us explore.

Spiritual Leaders of Today

  • Many leaders are currently known to be spiritually enlightened, but they don’t have contentment and peace within themselves. They are just making a fool of ordinary people who lack the power and wisdom to understand what is right and wrong. These leaders are just exploiting people’s money, time, and energy.

  • There is a lot of myth surrounding the look and resemblance of enlightened beings. Many of those perceptions elevate these beings to super-humans.

  • There is a lot of hype and hypocrisy in the spiritual world. Several gurus, who get advertised as enlightened beings, seem to be in it primarily for the lifestyle. Many of them are treated like deities and hold absolute power over their devotees. As “enlightened beings,” they are accountable to no one and get away with their imperfections, desires, and overabundance. Some gurus certainly live exemplary lives, but lack of transparency and accountability entangle many of them in corruption and fraud.

  • Most spiritual leaders identify themselves with traditional religious rituals or techniques and transfer these onto contemporary American culture. Their language and understanding of enlightenment tend to be obscure, deceptive, and elitist. Further, their teachings attract more gullible people than credible seekers.

  • No spiritual leader is said to exist in a state of permanent enlightenment, bliss, and clarity. Some gurus experience spiritual bliss, but it is only intermittent, just like in other people.

  • Nowadays, many people claim to be enlightened and start commercializing spirituality by reading some spiritual books. Some spiritual leaders may certainly acquire a higher level of insight into the inner workings of the mind through mystical readings. But their level of consciousness is no different from that of other extraordinary individuals, who make no claim to enlightenment or have no fancy public persona.

  • Some spiritual leaders, gurus, or guides offer you enlightenment for money and promise that they will help you reach enlightenment if you pay for their services. It is best to stay clear from such gurus.

  • There are many enlightened individuals out there, even today, who are not known by the public. Not all enlightened people become gurus, teachers, or spiritual leaders. They live like ordinary people doing their jobs and loving their families. Someone living in your neighborhood, who volunteers at a hospital or an animal shelter, can be as enlightened as you imagine, and you may not even realize it. But because people have preconceived notions about how an “enlightened guru” should look like or behave, they fail to recognize such enlightened beings.

Who are Truly Enlightened Spiritual Leaders?

Spiritual leadership is truly enlightened when they practice spirituality not as a set of religious principles or beliefs but as the domain of human values like kindness, goodness, truth, love, beauty, compassion, creativity, insight, intuition, and focused attention. Further, enlightened people embrace the qualities of nurturing, caring, and affection. These are the ingredients of true enlightenment, in the real sense.

A person’s thoughts and actions are a decisive indicator of the extent of his/her spiritual enlightenment. Therefore, good Karma is absolutely a strong pillar to achieving enlightenment naturally. Saint Teresa of Calcutta was one of the most enlightened persons to live in India, who was widely known as Mother Teresa. Her work involved alleviating people’s pain and suffering. She did not make disciples like typical spiritual leaders. Mahatma Gandhi was called “Maha” (large) “Atma” (soul) because of his noble behavior and seeing everything from the eyes of Humanity.

Truly enlightened persons have no worldly desire. They only wish to share with the world what they have achieved. They neither charge you any money, material, or property when you go to them nor condemn you for what you have done. They only guide you to correct your actions. They treat all seekers equally, irrespective of whether they are rich or poor, young or old. They only give, forget, and forgive.


We are all born enlightened. Many spiritually-enlightened people on this planet go on living their lives with their families. They tend to live a sacred life, following either materialism or asceticism, as this doesn’t matter to them.

Everyone can be truly enlightened, and you too can experience enlightenment if you have the knowledge and curiosity to find the existence of yourself. Your seeking makes it possible for you to get enlightened yourself and also discover enlightened beings around you.

An experienced and enlightened teacher like Poonam Dutta can help you understand who truly enlightened spiritual leaders are and guide you in your quest to achieving spiritual enlightenment. Contact Poonam Dutta or call +91-8830824402 to schedule a heart-to-heart conversation today!

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